Eye Trouble

Oh bloody Hell, I’ve just had some bad news and I must say, it is making me more than a bit nervous. You see, I’ve been having trouble with my right eye lately and today (after the Optician and the G.P. failed to find anything much wrong with my eye) I went to the Accident and Emergency unit at the Eye Hospital.

To cut a long story short – they found I have a small blood clot in my right eye and “macular oedema”. This is probably a result of having problems with high blood-pressure, over many years. Anyway, I barely have any central vision in the eye now and I have to wait six weeks for a follow-up appointment to “see how it is going”. I may have to have laser surgery but I’m not sure it will get back the vision I’ve lost.

Crap, crap, crap.  What if my left eye goes the same way?

I am, as our dear Queen herself would say, shitting a brick. I don’t want to be left unable to read, watch TV, see people’s FACES and use the internet. Maybe I’m being too dramatic and it will clear up. Or maybe I’m not and it won’t. I still have my left eye, so far…

At least now I can stop cleaning my glasses every five minutes, like an obsessive compulsive maniac. It isn’t my glasses that are fogged up – its my em effing EYE.


6 responses to “Eye Trouble

  1. Yikes! I hope it clears up quickly!

  2. Thanks! The sight in that eye has been going wrong for about three weeks. At first I thought it would pass but it didn’t – if anything it got worse. I don’t know if my vision can improve at all, or if the best I can hope for is that it won’t get worse still. The doctor was sympathetic but not very forthcoming (she was about twelve years old). Apparently the first time this happens they don’t do anything for a few weeks, they just see what will happen. Great.

  3. My mom had the same problem. They couldn’t do any sort of surgery because the blood clot is about the size of the head of a pin. They gave her something (probably anti-anxiety meds so she’d stop cleaning her glasses like an obsessive compulsive maniac) and I think it got smaller, but she just had to get used to it. They said it was highly unlikely to happen to the other eye too.

    I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but maybe yours is different and hers happened 10 years ago. They do lots of different laser surgery now.

    Good luck!

  4. They do amazing things with laser surgery now a days. They’ve managed to help my brother keep the sight in one of his eyes when diabetes was running rampant through his a few years ago. Big hugs and I’m hoping for the best for you.

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