A Vegan Diet Makes You Insane

A vegan ex-friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) has recently protested on her blog, after being sent some photos (presumably of a family barbecue):

“Watching children eat animals makes us all really sick to our stomachs.  It looks profane, in an almost pornographic way to see small children tearing into bits of meat, and taking mouthfuls of cooked flesh from forks held by adults, as if offering a most unholy communion.

I make no secret about my feelings toward meat itself and how gross it is, so I’m really perplexed as to why, in the past year, I’ve been the unhappy recipient of some ugly, vile pictures of friends’ children eating cooked animals.”

Wow. I was wondering how she was… And now I know. She’s even MORE mental than she was when I knew her.


14 responses to “A Vegan Diet Makes You Insane

  1. OMG if I knew her e-mail addressssss……..

  2. I recently met a vegan friend for lunch – after seeing what was on her plate, I remarked, “That’s not food… that’s what FOOD eats!”

    I got stuck with the check…

  3. Your mention of a family barbecue reminded me of an unfortunate event of a few years ago: I hosted a family barbecue a few years ago; my mother and several other relatives were there. My mother kept making a big deal out of the fact that I was smoking a cigarette while I was grilling, and, I suppose I had had one too many Scotches/Percocets, and I guess I lost my temper with my nagging mother… I picked up a long-handled barbecue fork and stabbed her with it (pretty sure it was just a flesh wound). To make a long story short, the police were called, and when they tried to put handcuffs on me, I socked the cop in the eye.

    Yes, you guessed it: I was charged with cop socking and mother-forking…

  4. wokka wokka

  5. I don’t eat beef because I’m allergic to it and for years I considered myself a vegetarian. I didn’t foist my beliefs on others, but I was insulted when beef eaters would try and force me to have “just one bite.” Okay, if you want to turn your nice dinner into a puke fest I’ll get right after it.

    I understand her position…why do people who know how she feels insist on sending her pictures which offend her? If she was offended by porn would other people feel compelled to fill her inbox with dirty pictures? Probably not.

    My experience is the meat eating community feels threatened by the non-meat eaters. Why? It just means more meat for them.

    (Disclaimer: I’m not saying she’s not crazy. She most likely is.)

    • I’m not against vegans or vegetarians, despite the jokey title of this entry. But I don’t understand how she can get “offended” by other people eating meat – she only went vegan herself a few years back. Feeding her (or her kids) meat would be “offensive” but sending snaps from a family event, where the kids just happen to be eating meat… How is that wrong? I wouldn’t expect to send photos from a wedding to a Muslim friend and have them get all up in arms because in some pictures people were drinking Champagne.

      When my youngest son (who was 12 at the time) decided to stop eating meat, I fully respected his wishes. Six months later, when he went back to meat, I simply gave him meat again. When I’ve been out for meals with veggie friends I’ve always suggested veggie restaurants, because otherwise they don’t have enough choice and *I* like a change from meat myself… I’m not thoughtless.

      But she is CRAZY and overreacts like it too. I very much doubt that she has asked people not to send pictures with meat in (I read the whole entry, so I have the benefit of that) – she just wants people to guess and to have to weed out anything she might not like. Screw that – she needs to grow up.

  6. Supremegoddess

    I sympathize with her COMPLETELY! As a devout Tubolard, I really get offended when people send me family pictures with their skinny-ass kids in them. It’s like they are mocking me, forcing me to look at the bony protrusions when they KNOW I am a practicing Tubolard! I don’t understand how people can be so insensitive!

  7. Both of my bosses went Vegan; one of them has become so nutty that I really believe that the diet is actually causing him some sort of brain problem. Crazy indeed.

  8. She does know that the animals were killed and cooked first, right? Probably even killed by professionals.

    • Hahaha! My Grandad was a butcher – she’d probably have had him tried for murder. Once she gets an idea in her head the facts don’t matter.

      It’s funny how she tries to take the high moral ground on this issue, when the reason I’m no longer her friend is that she used to get drunk and post racist remarks.

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