I Should Write More

Sometimes, I scan around the intarwebs, looking for new things to read – and then I come back to my own blog, half expecting to see a new post there (or should that be here?) and wondering if it will be better than the last post I wrote.

Only, of course, there isn’t a new entry to come back to, because I haven’t written one. It’s very disappointing. Do you ever do that, or am I mad?

(Oh and HELLO Blogmella! No, you haven’t written anything new, there is still only this poxy little bit of nonsense at the top of the page).


9 responses to “I Should Write More

  1. I use the ‘scheduled post’ option in WP – so when the mood strikes, I’ll put together several posts, then schedule them to go public at a later date. This is especially fun to do when you’re totally ****faced, and then when a post magically appears that you have no recollection of, you can start freaking out that someone has cracked your password and is making posts without your permission. That’s what happened to me once, but it was a pretty good post, and it WAS me in the photo, so I left it up.

  2. Hahahaha! I want to do that now.

  3. LOLOL I do that all the time. :) That’s one of the reasons I use Windows Live Writer to do all my posts, so I can save some in the drafts folder and work on them as the mood strikes me, and I do all my posts by “future posting.” I write them before-hand, and then schedule them to go up at specific times. I love WLW. I won’t blog without it. :D

    You can get it here: (and it’s totally free) http://windowslivewriter.spaces.live.com/default.aspx?sa=152320558

  4. I don’t do that with my blog, but I do think that my house should be clean and fabulous when I return. Turns out it’s just as shitty as when I left.

    • I know that feeling! It’s like “Were we burgled? Oh, no, that’s how we left it”. I drive everyone crazy when packing for a family holiday, because I clean the entire house and change all the bed linen, at the same time. I have to though, because I don’t want my heart to sink as soon as we get back.

      • I knew a woman who had her car stolen. When the police returned it they told her the thieves had trashed it. She looked inside and said, “No, that’s how it was.” HAHAHA!

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