Cat In A Box

I was looking at the pictures on my phone today and found this picture of Zuul, back when he was about 4 months old. Look at his evil face! 


22 responses to “Cat In A Box

  1. Oh he’s adorable! He looks a lot like my 1st kitty. :D

  2. Just wait until you find him in your fridge!

    • Oh, he TRIES. I can even shut the fridge door on his head and he STILL won’t back off.

      But he hasn’t made a portal to another world in the back of it yet.

  3. Wait…..weren’t you the one who HATED cats?

  4. I can see your pussy…I mean your box…I mean…oh, damn it woman! You make it so that a guy doesn’t know which innuendo to use.

  5. I find it deliciously ironic that you now post cat pictures. BUWAHAHAHA!!!

    I knew you had the one, and mentioned having two now, but did not see this pic before. He could be my kitty’s brother! Mine has a white stripe down his nose, so he’s FIERCE. Not gay, though. Very manly little dude (still has his balls… for now).

    • Brace yourself for some bad news, Karona – I think your “kitty” might be a SKUNK!

      I have two cats now – Stouffer (gentle, kind, sane) and Zuul (evil, violent, psychotic). They are both “rescues”, if living with me could be described as being “rescued”.

  6. He looks so sweet! I know that looks are very deceiving where cats are concerned.

  7. 1.That’s too much like behaving and there’ll be none of that.
    2.The internet-cat-picture cliché must earn a cliché innuendo – it’s our only defense against internet-cat-pictures.
    3.He’s so cute – squeeee
    4.Disregard #3, it did not happen.

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