From My Stats…

Top Searches
blogmella, “fanboy wife”, scat sex with my partner, someone who is disabled handbags, attractive phrases on girls handbag

This is how people find me?!

(Thanks for the readers, Fanboy Wife)

EDIT: to add the latest search term – “constant arguing after fishtank feng shui”. HAHAHA!


8 responses to “From My Stats…

  1. I found you by searching for “sex with disabled handbags.”

  2. I’m always intrigued to see what will pop up in “Top Searches”.

  3. It’s amazing what people search for sometimes! LOL

  4. I gave you a link on my facebook fan page too. (I’m a little worried about some of the other searches…)

  5. Did you? Awww, thanks!

  6. HAHAHA! My search terms are always dogs, dog fail, funny dog fail, dog stories, funny dog stories. Never a damned thing to do with restaurants. WTF?!

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