Picture Of Sophistication

I was about to make our bed, a while ago, when I decided to take a photo of it first. As you can see, I have quite an eye when it comes to combining colours. People find it hard to believe that I have never had any formal training, in interior design.

As an artist I have to surround myself with beautiful things, especially when I wake up. I don’t think having a boyfriend who suffers from migraines should be allowed to interfere with that.

Sometimes people ask me what my secret is but I can’t explain. It is as if I merely channel a higher power.


31 responses to “Picture Of Sophistication

  1. You manage to get a heterosexual male to sleep in that bed?

    Damn, you must be good.

  2. OH MY JESUS…..it’s like Golden Girls era Miami exploded on your bed.

    • You can’t wait to get busy and create a look similar to this in your bedroom, can you? Think citrus, think floral and think stripes. Now think “style” and you’re almost there!

  3. May GOD Bless!!! Mark

  4. I thought that migraine sufferers liked things to be loud and bright. Or was that the other way around? :lol:

  5. Your secret may be colour blindness. XD

  6. Wow! I LOVE it! Keep in mind I am constantly accused of looking like a homeless person and I’ve been dumped for my inability to match. Maybe you shouldn’t place much merit in my opinion.

  7. You’re way more coordinated that I am. I know how colors and such work, but I’m just too lazy to find even matching pillow cases, let alone coordinate them with the sheets and blankets.

    • Don’t blame yourself FW, I don’t think there are many people in the world who could make their bed look like mine does, in that picture.

  8. well ya know… to prevent eye strain you’re supposed to look at something green for a few minutes after prolonged computer use, must be VERY relaxing!

  9. whatigotsofar

    You have to make your own bed. Stupid build-your-own Swedish furniture. Pay the extra 100 bucks and buy a bed already built.

  10. Great. Now I’m blind. Thanks.

    • Yes, it is gorgeously “vibrant” isn’t it?

      • I think it just proves that you’re really a 14 year old girl at heart. <3

        • I must admit, I took a really childish joy in assembling that lot. I said to Dave “Imagine when we wake up! It will be so cheerful!” and he said (in a very deadpan voice) “I suffer from migraines, in case you’ve forgotten”. I couldn’t stop laughing, which didn’t impress him.

  11. I actually kind of love that. So either we are both awesome, or both … *closes mouth*

  12. It’s, um, very refreshing. And curiously, it makes me want pie. Key Lime pie. ;)

    • It does have a “zesty” quality to it, you’re right.

      Key Lime pie – I’ve never tried that but it sounds like it would be nice (I’ve heard it mentioned a lot).

      • Key Lime pie is evil. I’ve had it exactly twice. Both times I ended up trying to forcibly eject my innards from both ends for nearly twenty-four hours. At the mid-point I started being afraid that I wasn’t going to die, because I just wanted it to end. Key Lime = doubleplusungood.

        • OMG Chris! Hahaha! Poor you! That has put me off a little bit…

          • I just felt sorry for the guy I was sharing a room with. After three hours of hearing me begging for death and muttering about having “broken my soul” in the bathroom, he took his pillow and duvet and went somewhere quieter to sleep – that being the lobby of a Las Vegas casino. Yep, the constant sounds of ringing bells, trilling one-armed bandits and orange old ladies having their souls sucked out was actually quieter and less offensive than me sobbing “oh god *BLARRRRRRGH* *parp-SPLOOSH-poot!*” every few minutes.

            Go figure, as my friend said.

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