Grand Theft Election

Yesterday, I decided to leave my computer and go blinking into the sunlight, to vote in The Election. First though, I needed to Google the location of my Polling Station – I haven’t voted since living here, so I had no idea where it was. I entered the name of the road into Google and glanced at the first link, which was a news story in the South Manchester Reporter, called  Nun Is Victim Of Carjacking. Bloody hell, I felt like I was off to vote in a neighbourhood in “Grand Theft Auto”.

As it was, my voting went off very smoothly. I was lucky though, it seems. Other people across the country (even in nearby Fallowfield) were queueing for an hour or more to vote – some later ones being turned away because it was 10pm (which was the cut-off point for voting)! In some areas people were unable to vote, because their Polling Stations had run out of Ballot Papers… What a mess.

Now, after all the debating and the drama, we have been left with a Hung Parliament. Ugh. Let us see what unfolds. Sadly, I think the Liberal Democrats are set to side with the Conservatives, which means Labour have lost. Sort of. Brilliant political commentary there, by me.


14 responses to “Grand Theft Election

  1. This parliament is WELL hung.

    • I can’t help thinking you are playing the part of my straight man. Nice of you to set up SO many gags in that one sentence but I’m a reformed woman! I’ve left behind all the bad behaviour and rudeness. I’m a nice girl now. I am.

  2. whatigotsofar

    In Canada, the system is pretty much the same still, we’ve had the same sort of thing for the last two or three parliaments. Seems to working alright for us. We just don’t call it hung, we call it a minority government.

    • Yeah, the Scottish Parliament has been working reasonably enough with a minority government for the past few years.

      Although to be fair, only around half a dozen people live in Scotland.

      (and Canada)

  3. seattleforge

    Just be glad that none of your parties is as awful as the Republican party. Well, except for the BNP.

    • Hahaha! Yeah, well they didn’t do very well at all. The BNP tried to campaign around here once (so Dave tells me) but they were invited to leave.

  4. Hey, at least you don’t have teabaggers roaming the streets – at least I hope you don’t…

    By any chance is one of the candidates named Sarah Palin? I believe she once said she can see England from her outhouse or something.

    • Hmmm… Well, we can’t see her “outhouse” and we don’t want to. I’m sulking about this election. I wanted a nice Socialist paradise, not Mr. Shiny Face Top Hat Boy forming an alliance with the Liberal “Hardly Any Votes But We Hold The Balance Of Power” Democrats.


  5. Wow. That sounds as bad as an American election.

  6. I’m absolutely shocked at the whole thing! I’m no spring chicken but I can’t recall seeing scenes on TV before, where people are almost crying, because they have been refused the chance to vote. WTF? Some of them had been sent away earlier, because the Polling Stations were “too busy”. They’d come back, queued for over an hour and were then told “Sorry, it is 10pm now, we are closed”.

  7. QotD yesterday was a flocked comment from a friend of mine: “‘Hung parliament’ is such a cruelly misleading term”.

  8. I guess it’s good that so many people wanted to vote, but it isn’t doing anyone any favors when they have to turn people away. I mean, jesus, what kind of message does that send? I don’t think here we would turn people away, but I might be wrong.

    p.s. Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her patio. I wish she would move there instead of clinging to her celebrity here. Of course, she is entertaining….

    • It was chaos. Some places let the people who were waiting come inside and THEN locked the doors to anyone else (10 pm was the deadline to arrive and that’s fair enough). BUT in other places, waiting in line for an hour (until 10pm) saw those who were not past the door TURNED AWAY. Disgusting. This will not happen again, because the people here are SO enraged.

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