Cat Collars Of The Week

Hello Mouse BlueHello Mouse YellowWhen you own cats (as I sadly do), you have to put up with a lot of things: Biting, scratching, the expense, the smell, fleas, worms, the vet, vile cat food, litter trays, random vomit, ruined furniture, tripping over them, that look they give you, dead mice on the bed, constant meowing and having to keep pushing them off your lap… For a start.

This misery is only offset by one thing – Buying cat accessories. Having cats as evil as Zuul, and as grumpy as Stouffer, means I need to buy a great many accessories. I’ve just bought these collars for them, aren’t they just darling? The design is called “Hello Mouse” – I suspect the designers of “Hello Kitty” will soon be saying “Hello Lawyer”!


8 responses to “Cat Collars Of The Week

  1. I had this cat who insisted on running away to the neighbour’s house. I had the brilliant idea to buy her a small dog harness and tie her up outside. I put her on the table in order to put the harness on. When it was on, she took three steps, and fell over, off the table. I tried it on the ground. Three steps, fall over. It was miserable. Okay, I laughed myself insane. I finally had to give her to the neighbours.

    • I used to have a cat called “Pickle” and she was always at the neighbours’ house, begging for food. She had a full bowl of cat food at home, mind you – but the CRAZY lady neighbour ( who was about 40) used to give her roast chicken (no contest, I know which I’d rather eat). Eventually the neighbour started sending me anonymous “poison pen” letters, accusing me of “starving” my cat and other nasty things…

      One day I knocked on the neighbours’ door and found the lady was there, on her own (her Mother lived there too). I had a chat to her and explained that I thought she was far too interested in my life, my children and my cat. I suggested that her problem might be connected to lack of companionship and suggested she track down an energetic gentleman, to cure her with his theraputic attentions.

      Upon returning home, the neighbour lady’s elderly Mother became enraged at hearing the nature of my advice and attacked my front door, with her walking stick. The onslaught was so violent that I was obliged to call the Police, who calmed her down and pointed out that “poison pen” letters were NOT a good idea.

      Bloody cats.

  2. oh, too true!
    My three cats certainly fulfill all those aspects except the mice, thank God! but I wouldn’t trade ’em for anything. ;)

  3. With allergies, the only cat I had was an outdoor one when I was in preschool. It used to leave dead bunny heads on our door step to greet us as we left the house first thing in the morning.

    • When I was a kid our cat bought home the odd baby rabbit. My Mum used to shut the cat in and let the poor injured bunny “free” in the field. I bet the little mites still died. :(

  4. Hello Lawyer – ROFLMAO! Too funny!

    One of my kitties was a girl, and I used to like to get her collars with little jewels on them.

    Sounds like your neighbor had a bit too much time on her hands!

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