Scrubbing My Rug

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful recently. Hot, sunny, hardly a breath of wind. I’ve had the back door open almost constantly (air conditioning being slow to follow Oreos to our shores) and the cats have been wandering in and out, along with a few flies. The birds are singing and the washing is drying on the line so fast I can almost see the water evaporating.

Happy days huh?… Not in my house. My boyfriend has red hair and pure white skin, that bursts into flames when touched by sunlight. I’ve never met most of you but I’m going to bet that you have never encountered anybody who complains about sunny weather as much as Dave. Since we have no rocks big enough for him to crawl under, he has been sitting in the lounge, sulking, and waiting for clouds and rain. Great.

Meanwhile Brandon has been hiding in his room, with the curtains drawn, playing “Red Dead Redemption”. The game only just came out, so he can’t tear himself away – but his room is boiling hot, even with a fan blasting 24/7. Yesterday  I visited him, with a cold drink and a breezy attitude.

 “Are you enjoying your game?” I asked with a smile,

“I would be, it IS a good game, but I’m sweating like Michael Jackson on a school bus” he replied. Some of you said he was “adorable” after my picture post. Yeah.

The cats are enjoying the fact that they can just wander in and out (we don’t have a cat-flap) but the heat is getting to them too. I suppose being covered in black fur is less than ideal in a heatwave. Stouffer is even floppier than usual and Zuul has cut down to about five cans of “Tiger” a day, because the heat is putting him off his food. Only the tiles on the kitchen floor can offer them any relief, so they keep coming in and stretching out on the delicious coldness.

As you can tell, it has been left to me to truly embrace the hot weather. I decided to take advantage of the drying power of the sun – by scrubbing one of our rugs, on the back path. It was very satisfying to see the stained old rug brighten up and I’m sure I got fitter in the process. I don’t know what the neighbours thought when they saw me kneeling on a rug in the back garden though – they probably shook their heads and thought I was trying yet another religion. I hung the rug up to dry and came in. Dave asked what I had been doing outside,

“I’ve been scrubbing the rug, in the back garden”. He stared at me ,

“Is that a euphemism?” he asked. Everyone is a comedian, in our house.

Ah well, I should go now. Walking to Church is going to be lovely in this weather, so I don’t want to have to rush. Actually, our Church is absolutely freezing, even on a mild day, so I think it will be a treat this morning. By the time I walk home I’ll be ready for the sun even more than I am now. Hallelujah.


12 responses to “Scrubbing My Rug

  1. I’m very pale skinned and menopausal so I get all red in the face and have a hot flash if the temperature gets above 60 degrees.

    Brandon can make all the Michael Jackson jokes he wants. He’s still adorable.

    And yeah, the title made me open this post with caution. :-)

  2. Haha. I didn’t even consider the title as a euphemism. You all have dirty, albeit hilarious, minds. ;)

  3. I will burst into flames if I even think about the sun, so I know how your boyfriend feels. I can make Goth jealous with my see-through skin. I can’t go outside in the summer without at least SPF 40 sun block and a hat.

    • Not you too! WTF? Mind you, I avoid the sun unless I am well protected with sun cream… It is SO bad for the skin. People often remark that I look younger than I am and I put that down to good genes and being cautious about sun damage.

  4. I burned so bad one year that I was a solid blister on the front half of my body and couldn’t walk from being so swollen. And I was wearing long sleeves and long pants when I got burned. So much for protection.

    I am glad you’re enjoying it, however. If it’s got to be so freaking hot, someone besides Lucifer should like it. ;)

    • Oh that sounds SO painful! I got sun burn as a kid but these days I’m ultra careful. I love the sunny weather but I use protection. That said, you covered up and still suffered? Wow.

  5. We had a frost warning last night, suppose of gotten down to -2C. It’s sunny at the moment but there is quite a cool breeze blowing. Heck we’re just glad it didn’t snow like it usually does on the May long weekend here in Alberta. Although, there is still tomorrow. lol

    • Haha! A bit different there then! I should watch out – Dave will be running off with you!

      • Well, we do get a lot of sunshine through out the whole year, probably more than you do. But, we don’t get the oppressive humidity and heat that folks that live on islands and near big bodies of water get….and it usually cools off here at night in the summer. But I’m pretty sure all the sunshine will put Dave off. lol

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