Some People Are Just Stupid And Hateful

1) Moronic royal reject Sarah Ferguson has been trying to sell access to her Ex (Prince Andrew) for £500,000. Sadly for her, she was dealing with an undercover journalist, who filmed her. Poor stupid  Sarah should keep her head down – we all know what happens to women who split with sons of the Queen and then fail to shut up. Personally I’d like all the Royals AND their hangers-on to be sent to the Moon and left there. I must add though – if anyone has £500,000 to waste and wants to meet my Ex, please contact me here. For that much money I won’t just introduce you, I’ll hold him down while you f*** him.

2) Yet again, somebody has sent me a violently racist joke, via text message. WTF? The last person who did this didn’t know me very well… THIS time the “joke” was from somebody I’ve known since I was sixteen. I know I did stand-up comedy for a while but that doesn’t mean I want to be informed of any old piece of hate-filled shit that some idiot considers “funny”.  Plus, I don’t want these messages popping up on my mobile phone, where they will be stored until I delete them. What if I get sent one and then I’m run over and killed before I notice it? Anyone who goes through my belongings, in oder to identify me, will think “Wow, she must be a racist, people are sending her racist jokes! I’m glad she is dead!”. I wear clean knickers, in case I get run over – please don’t ruin my efforts to die as a respectable person by polluting my phone.

3) Yesterday a baby was Christened at our Church. One of the women attending was dressed like a whore, kept looking impatiently at her watch throughout the service and got the giggles so badly during the Lord’s Prayer that she was shaking and crying. Nice choice of Godmother there.

I’m not a fan of “people” this morning.

(BTW, that thing about my Ex was a tasteless “joke” that I didn’t really mean. I would never condone, or encourage, rape. Just be grateful I didn’t send it to your mobile.)


14 responses to “Some People Are Just Stupid And Hateful

  1. I can identify with #2. My sister is constantly sending me racist anti-illegal immigrant e-mails and anti-Obama e-mails. It irks me no end but I just delete them and say nothing. Cowardly? Probably. But as they say, you can choose your friends but you’re stuck with your family!

    • It is so shocking when you like someone and then you see the kind of crap they find funny. And I hate that they send it on to ME. Both of the people who send me jokes are nice enough but how can I respect them now? I have to assume they are just too stupid to know right from wrong.

  2. whatigotsofar

    Whoh. It was the godmother who was dressed inappropriately for church and not just some random person attending the christening?

    • Yep. She was wearing a short strapless dress and 4″ heels. She was made-up like a hooker. She joined her son (who was about 9) and stood in a pew, in front of the one I was in, after the main blessing. When we said the Lord’s Prayer she started giggling and her shoulders were shaking. She kept wiping her eyes and then sparking off again. She thought it was all a joke and was such a terrible example of bad manners for her son. Classy.

  3. I have text messaging blocked from my phone, but on the occasion I’m with a group of people and someone decides to tell a racist joke I look them directly in the eye and ask them why it’s funny. I’ll say, “I don’t get it. Will you please tell me why that’s funny?” They usually can’t look me in the eyes and they slowly back away. I’ve never heard a racist joke from the same person twice in my life.

  4. You always make me laugh – and think. Sarah Ferguson has obviously lost whatever there was of her mind. I detest racist anything. As for the laughing whore – woowee, she probably was late for a very important date. And laughing during the Lord’s Prayer is a major FAIL. In my book.
    My eldest daughter is headed your way next week. Alert the townfolk and take shelter.

  5. I was so disappointed to hear that about Fergie. Sadly, she’s only proven the Royal Family’s “classless” accusation true.

    Sounds like the godmother thought the choice of her to be godmother was funny as well. *eyeroll* Really, how hard would it have been to decline? Clearly if anything happens to the parents, she won’t be teaching their child about their religion.

    I guess different people have different definitions of racism.

    I have a joke for you – a diet joke – it’s an oldie so you’ve probably heard it if you’ve been a comedienne.

    “I lost 180 lbs like THAT!” *snap fingers*

    “Really?! How?”

    “I got a divorce!”


  6. Michael Sellars

    Just hearing anything racist from someone you’ve known for ages is just all kinds of wrong. I remember meeting an old friend at a football game. We hadn’t seen each other for years and were catching up, watching the game and from nowhere – with a big smile on his face – he compliments our star striker.

    “He aint bad for a coon, is he?”


    • It’s horrible isn’t it? People up North are blatantly racist towards Asians. They all think I’m going to agree, because this area has a heavily Asian population… But I like it here and I’ve found most Asian people to be polite, friendly and very respectable.

  7. I hate it when people send vile pictures to my phone. Most of the idiots I know are too lazy to actually type out a text, but they feel free to send me pictures which would make a hooker blush. I usually block their number right after I open the picture.

    Back when Bush was president, my mom thought it was horrible that people sent anti-Bush emails and told anti-Bush jokes. They were disrespecting the PRESIDENT and that shouldn’t be tolerated. Now that Obama is president, who do I get the most anit-Obama emails & jokes from? Yep, my mother. Since I don’t follow politics I don’t give a rats ass about either of them and would very much appreciate it if all those forwarded jokes weren’t in my inbox. /rant.

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