Fake Nail Fail

A very beloved friend of ours posted a link to a Beauty Salon, on her Facebook info page. I decided to check out the photos of their work… I won’t be going there. 

Here are some of the pictures they posted – First, look at the improvement they have made in this woman’s life: 

Their caption: "Before the customer had nails applyed"

Their caption: "After acrylic nails have been applyed....... natural tips giving the customer much more confidence to show her hands"

 Such a terrifying example of what a few fake nails (and a ton of skill) can achieve! That customer must have confidence coming out of her ASS now! I bet she is glad she had those “applyed”!  But wait… Those nails are pretty plain. Can’t they do something more FANCY? 

Of course they can. 

F*cking Hell Nails

I forget what caption they put here but what sane woman wouldn't love to have nails this beautiful?

I’m not going to name the salon, because I might just post about them again. You have NO IDEA what they can do with fake eyelashes, for instance…


23 responses to “Fake Nail Fail

  1. Nails like that are all the rage over here. Square cut nails scream, “I have nothing better to do with my money than risk a painful nail fungus with fake nails so long I can’t even wipe my own ass.”

    Food service employees are required to have short, unpolished, non-fake nails. So naturally, 3/4 of the servers I work with have nails which look just like your picture.

    • But they’re not just “square cut” are they? How far down do those tips go?! Fake nails are popular here but I thought that last picture was the worst example I have EVER seen! Hahaha!

      And who takes a photo for their business Facebook, with all the REDNESS in the second picture? F*cking hell.

  2. Wow, I want bloody cuticles too!

  3. When the ‘before’ photo looks almost identical to the ‘after’ photo, one can only hope that the client wasn’t charged, since no work was apparently done. The last photo, however, is a little more like it!

  4. Ok, this is gross. The second photo looks like the hand of a dead person buried last week, dug up today. Bleck. Shut down that place!

  5. Um, those nails … yeah. I’ve had some relatives who were manicurists, and those nails would never have made it past the licensing review board. Not to be mean to your friend, but, wow. No, I wouldn’t go there either!

    • I don’t know what she has done there but luckily it isn’t her nails. I saw the link and clicked… Then I was like “WOAH! They charge to do that?”. The eyelashes are hideous too. Perhaps she just has a facial? I don’t know…

  6. Are those photos going to be used in court when the customer has to have her fingers amputated due to gangrene? Ouch! I knew there was a reason I just paint my own nails at home.

    • They look more like nail implants, don’t they? Hahaha!

      You’re right BTW, “Exhibit A” would be a better use for them than as promotional material.

  7. I SO Do not understand the mentality that goes for nails like that… Sure- I like to paint mine pretty colors once in a while, but when you can recreate the Last Supper as a mural across all TEN? Those nails are too long, too big, and look STUPID!

  8. Oh that is just HOT. Haha! I admit, I have acrylics because I bite them so terribly – to the point where my teeth hurt. But I always get them to look as natural as possible.

  9. I’d still chew the hell out of them. I’m so gross.

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