Eurovision 2010

I’ve just sat through three and a half hours of the Eurovision Song Contest. There were TWENTY FIVE songs in the Grand Final, all of which I marked (I made a special marking sheet) on Costumes, Performance and Song. Then I added the three marks for each, to get a Total for each… Then I watched the official scoring.

I wanted us to win of course but I marked Turkey, or maybe Greece, as my winners.

Who won?


Who came LAST?


*Tsk* why did I bother? Well, I know why I bothered really… Because it is the campest show on Earth, because the sheer WTFness of some of the acts (Spain this year) is hilarious, and because I love doing my own scoring. Oh and it is an excuse to eat snacks (alone on the bed, in my room, in front of the TV)  and tell everyone else in the house to f*ck off, until I call them.

Now all we need to do is to get Susan Boyle to sing our next entry, whilst doing a naked break-dance – and then perhaps we will get some votes from those ungrateful bastards in Europe. Whose arses we saved during the WAR. Against GERMANY.


10 responses to “Eurovision 2010

  1. If it’s a song contest, why do the costumes make any difference? Silly system.

    • Hey that isn’t the OFFICIAL system (they only mark the song), that’s MY system! And it isn’t silly – the other elements are crucial, because the songs are pretty much always SHIT. :D

  2. Not a clue what Eurovision is, but I know who Susan Boyle is.

    Boy, they are ungrateful bastards, aren’t they? LOL

  3. I like any excuse to eat snacks.

  4. And to tell people to f*%k off.

    • If Brandon had been home, he would have watched it (and scored it) with me. Eurovision is HUGE with gay men (and Brandon). Sadly he wasn’t here and Dave is waaaay to butch to spend hours discussing hideously bad pop songs.

      The Eurovision voting always has a political element – I mean, it is really just NONSENSE. But some of the acts are so (unintentionally) funny that I have to watch. Some countries send a heavy metal band to represent them, some send a folk group, some send an 80s style pop group. The tastes of other Europeans can be a little…. Old fashioned. :D

  5. I’ve never seen Eurovision, but I hear about it on National Public Radio each year.

    • It is brilliant to watch, SO silly. Recently the acts have got a bit more slick (less folk songs and national costumes) but there are still very funny variations in what different countries regard as “fashionable”.

  6. Haha – we say that “saying your arses in the world wars” stuff whenever France doesn’t do want we want. However, when the French mention giving us the Statue of Liberty and saving our arses in the revolution, we say, “Bugger off…that doesn’t count.”

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