How Often Should I Blog?

Since starting Blogmella’s Handbag, I’ve been throwing myself enthusiastically into blogging – coming up with new ideas, raiding my old journal for material, finding awesome new online buddies, reading great new writers and watching my Stats like a hawk (well, more a curious monkey really). It has been fun… But there is one question that keeps bugging me – How often should I blog? And it seems as though plenty of other people are wondering the same thing – A Google search for “How often should I blog?” turned up “About 150,000,000 results (0.26 seconds)”.  Wow.

So what is the answer? Well, there seem to be several answers really:

 Apparently, if I want to “Make Money by Blogging!” (that would be nice), I have to make several blog entries every day (that wouldn’t). Of course,  business blogging is all about the Hit Count and more entries equals more chances for hits. Or something. My blog isn’t a business blog (or a spamfest), so if people visit my blog, I do want to at least think they’re READING my posts. Blogmella’s Handbag is more like a personal diary – combined with being a generous outlet from which I share my vast wisdom. I can’t write about my life faster than I can live it and I don’t want to unleash my wisdom on the World faster than your tiny minds can cope, so beg me all you like… I won’t be blogging several times a day.

Some websites suggest that a person should only blog when the mood strikes and they espouse lazy hippie values, like “quality over quantity” and having “worthwhile content“. Even though it sounds so deep and arty – I don’t like allowing myself to simply follow my moods. My moods are normally rather idle and self-indulgent. I think I need a strategy in place, to inspire me to write. I don’t want to just post rubbish, for the sake of it, but if I restrict myself to only posting deeply worthy things I’ll procrastinate and my posts will get further apart than Admiral Ackbar’s eyes.

So that leaves me with the choice of posting at regular intervals (one, two, or three times a week), or posting daily. “Regular intervals” sounds fair keeping the incentive to write primed and the audience happy (in the knowledge that new content is never far away)…

But NO! No. The self-appointed web “experts” say that posting daily is the way forward, for someone like me (who gets excited about their Stats) and I am listening to those self-appointed experts with my full attention. “Do, or do not. There is no try.” as Yoda would probably say about it. Being able to check on a blog and find new content daily is something that readers find pleasing… And so they come back for more. PLUS new readers can stumble upon the blog more readily if posts are put up every day. Daily posting for the win!

Daily. Hmmmm. Bloody hell, that is quite a challenge though. Will I rise to it?

I can’t tell you – because the same experts say one should never TELL readers how often you’re going to blog. Just do it.


26 responses to “How Often Should I Blog?

  1. The blogging experts at work deem that a blog isn’t a blog unless it’s updated once a day.

    Personally, after doing it for 7 odd years, I can barely muster the time to do it more than 7 times a month. Even though there’s plenty to say – Facebook and Twitter make it far more convenient to blog these days!

    • I nick old material from my 7 years worth of blogging. ;)

      Facebook is OK but I’ve lost interest recently. Twitter… Oh I hate Twitter, it ruined LJ for me by spamming up my Friends page.

  2. I wish I could blog as often and as well as you do. I read your blog each day and am never disappointed. I’d say just keep doing what you’re doing as long as you enjoy it and don’t feel pressured either way.

    • You’re disappointed today Barry – I’ve posted a photo of myself. ;)

      Thanks though and never underestimate the power of being able to recycle loads of posts from an old journal.

  3. I used to blog when the mood struck or when I felt I had something to say.

    Then I thought I’d see if I could do daily posts, just for the heck of it.

    Then I stumbled onto this site called NaBloPoMo, and fell into the challenge of it all.

    Now, I have this record that’s like 2 years long and I can’t break it, can I? Something bad will happen to the universe, so I’m holding everything together by posting every day. ;)

  4. I think that posting everyday would make people take you for granted. So, post every 36 hours. This way, sometimes you’re posting two days in a row, but sometimes you keep your fans waiting on the edge of our seats.

  5. This is my job.

    You should update at least once in any 48 hour period (because that the cycle for non priority websites as far as Google is concerned.)

    You should rarely respond to comments on your blog but let other people create the comment stream (because that creates more potential customers for the people who will pay you to blog which Google rewards you for and Google punishes you for every response you make on your own entry.)

    You should be aware that every time you delete a comment it lowers you on the Google mix.

    Your entire goal is to get as many people to your site as possible and then to get them to click on the ads.

    So, you need to give them incentives. Create a contest where the person who clicks on the most ads gets a cute photo of you or something.

    In addition you need to include photos with names that will attract Google interest. For example,if you post a picture of your bf title it something provocative like “firecrotch.”

    Finally. decide whether this blog exists to make money or to be your own safe have.

    Both ideas are fine, but you can’t straddle the line.

    And that is advice I usually charge people $500 to $1,000 for!

  6. I post every day, but that’s because I have a lot to gripe about and it is cathartic for me. To be honest, I visit blogs that update daily or if I know the schedule. I tend to lose interest in ones that are updated infrequently.

  7. interesting that you posted this, cus i was just pondering this myself. i currently write about 2 blogs per month! haha, but it used to be like one a week.

    i’;m not really after stats. but i know that i’d like to have fresh stuff up more often. however, i’m also about quality and i’ve got so much going on, i don’t feel i can post quality stuff every day. unless they are much shorter. who knows, but i’m definitely gonna decide on a certain amount and try to stick to it.

    but also, i find it overwhelming at times to have people post so often that i cant’ keep up with everyone’s blogs, then i feel bad for not commenting. so i don’t know. there are the pros and cons.

    but i think you can definitely do it!

    • I like your blog but (and I’m probably just stupid) I can never find the latest post. Is that kept somewhere it can be found? And I commented on an entry and now I’ve lost that post… so I can’t check for a reply.

      Your blog is wonderful, really clever and stunning to look at – I’m just a bit shit at negotiating the layout.

  8. I try to post something of mine 6 days a week then I raid google for other people’s pictures on the 7th day. Some weeks I only get 5 posts because I’m busy and exhausted. Lately I’ve been writing a week’s worth of posts on my day off and scheduling them to auto post at 9am everyday.

    I like it when my blog buddies post at least 6 days a week so get to work.

  9. I struggle with this, I never know when to blog or not. It seems at the moment I am also doing the same as what DarcFalcon used to do, post when I the mood either strikes or I have something niggling at me that I need to talk about!

    I totally agree with Fanboy Wife, I do find blogging cathartic. Mind I’m know starting blogging on my own blog, and in three weeks will be starting to do a weekly column/post on a fellow bloggers website, so it’s going to be deadline sort of stuff; but I’m pretty excited for it :)

    • Oooh, that’s an exciting development! Go you!

      • I was so shocked when they asked me!
        My parents are slightly sceptical, thinking it might distract me from uni when it comes around, but I think it will be an excellent compliment to my studies! XD

        • Yeah, a weekly post should be fine. It’ll just mean you’ll have to miss Jeremy Kyle for one morning a week (I know what students are like). ;)

          • Jeremy Kyle? Jeremy Kyle?
            Noway, I’d rather spoon my eyes out than watch him; the he pulls his face when getting angry annoys me. I do agree that students have a creepy obsession with the Jezza, alot of my friends at college come in & go ‘did you see Jezza this morning?’ and I go AHAno. ¬¬

  10. Glad you brought this up … interesting. Thanks to DarsFalcon for the NaBloPoMo site – great! Have posted the least lately since starting blog. Maybe a challenge would be good. After having writing deadlines for ages, I find I resist regular anything. Hmmmm…. much to think on, Blogmella.

  11. I try to do daily, but I usually post twice on Friday and skip Saturday (because I want at least one day a week where I don’t feel obligated to do anything). I have to side with the hippies a little bit and say that I would rather wait a little bit and read a quality post than just read a bunch of filler stuff. Like, this Sunday, I was not in a bitching mood (GASP!) so I skipped posting. Guess what? Everyone still came back to see me this morning. :)

    • Yeah. I think people get MORE hits from me when they DON’T post – because even if I’ve subscribed, I STILL look, in case they’ve written something. And then later I look again. Heh.

      I need to get out more.

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