Atrium Of Doom

It must have seemed like a great idea, when designing the enormous reception area for the new Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, to house it in an atrium. After all, atria are always impressive spaces, filled (as they are) with air and bright sunlight.

Oh but wait… I was there this morning and you know what? A massive atrium full of LIGHT is no f*cking place to be, when you have dilated pupils. And funnily enough, there are a lot of people walking around in the Eye Hospital with their pupils dilated, because that’s the first thing the nurse does to you – before the Doctor looks at your eyes. And the drops last for three hours. And you inevitably find yourself leaving through Reception and THE BLINDING ATRIUM OF DOOM.

Do people even think for a moment before spending public money on idiotic shit like this? A member of staff told me that it is useless even on some dull days – because the rain beats down on the glass roof and the sound echoes like a giant deafening drum. Bloody hell.

No change with the blood-clot-blockage-thingy on my right retina. I saw a leading specialist and he said “Let’s just wait and see if it goes away on its own”. Hmmmm. And then I left, via the evil atrium, with a Gollumesque gait and smoke coming from my eye sockets.


13 responses to “Atrium Of Doom

  1. whatigotsofar

    Once you wrote “public money” all questions were answered. Public money is always wasted er, spent on things that make no sense. Those who hold the public’s purse, have no sense.

    • I think because we live in quite a secular society here, we’ve turned what should be utilitarian buildings into “Catherdrals” – dedicated to Education, or Science.

  2. An atrium in an eye clinic?? Oooookay!
    That’s using your noggin! Not!

    I’m so sorry your eyes are bothering you,and sorrier still to hear w hat the leading specialist told you. I mean, I could have said the same thing and I didn’t have to go to med school for that.

    The smoking eye sockets sounds cool though – did you get a picture? ;)

    Hope you feel better soon hon. :)

    • On one hand, I wish he could just fix it with lasers. On the other, I know that the best possible outcome would be for it to resolve naturally. And the situation IS being monitored. But I’m impatient and nervous about it.

      No picture, heh, but thanks for the good wishes! :)

  3. This gave me quite the giggle. Thanks. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    • You’re welcome! And thanks, it IS pretty scary to go blind in the middle of one eye, just out of the blue – so I’m looking (with one eye) forward to getting a cure/suddenly better.

  4. I’m trying to think of a worse idea, but I can’t. The closest I can come up with is decorating a school for the blind with priceless paintings.

    • Oh, the atrium is LINED with (presumably expensive) glass “works of art” that were specially commissioned – I forgot to mention that. Dave was like “What a waste! None of you can see it properly!”.

  5. Sorry your eye is still bothering you, but this made me laugh out loud.

    Somebody’s brother-in-law probably got the contract to build the atrium. Public money is put to best use when it’s kept in the family.

  6. I am so sorry about your eye and I really hope it all gets better soon. Do you think they built that atrium as insurance – they will always have clients if they keep them blind. Feel better!

  7. I’ve never head my pupils dilated. My doctor always asks if I want to do it at my appointments, and I always say “next time.” Anything to do with my eyes freaks me out. It took me years to get contacts.

    Hope your eye gets better soon!

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