Forgiveness? It May Be Too Soon…

Today, the Archdeacon of Manchester visited our Church. He seemed like a very nice bloke and he gave quite a moving sermon, on forgiveness. I was with him right up to the point when he suggested somebody we might all consider showing forgiveness to at the moment…

Robert Green, the fumbling England goalie, who helped America to draw with us in our first World Cup match.

Lord, why must You test me like this?


9 responses to “Forgiveness? It May Be Too Soon…

  1. Good luck to England making it on to the next stage. :-)

  2. at least he didn’t ask you to forgive the inventor of the vuvuzela. Whoever is responsible for THAT deserves everything the afterlife might hold for them. God, what a dreadful sound.

  3. I still haven’t forgiven the Giants for winning the Superbowl over the Patriots in Feb 08. Some things just take time.

  4. HA! Amateurs. I still haven’t forgive the Houston Oilers for losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship Game in 1978. Time? Doesn’t heal all wounds

  5. Apparently it’s all Canada’s fault. lol

    On behalf of Canada I apologize. ;-)

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