Unrealistic Movie Moments #1

I’m not stupid, I know people have to suspend their disbelief when they go to the Movies (or “the Pictures” as we like to say in the UK). I know we have to watch people do crazy things, yet have narrow (unrealistic) escapes. I know we are asked to watch artistic sex, where nobody wears a condom, yet nor do they grab a tissue and clean up the sperm. I know we have to entertain the idea that ghosts and aliens exist. I can do that.

But what I CANNOT allow is that somebody would be SO surprised that they would drop something. It doesn’t happen. It screams “I’m ACTING!”. I mean sure, if you sneaked up behind someone and yelled, they might SPILL something… That’s realistic. But your long-lost brother walks in and you DROP A WHOLE TRAY OF FOOD? No. You see your lover with another woman and you drop a glass of wine to the floor? NO. You hear your mute sister say her first words, so you drop a vase of flowers? NO.

If you get a shock you GRIP, you don’t release. You put stuff down and then do something appropriate. YOU DON’T DROP STUFF. That is the clumsy signal-sending of the Silent Screen era, we don’t need it anymore. This pathetic device for flagging up surprise should be banned forever – in favour of subtle PROPER acting.

Am I right? You know I am.


14 responses to “Unrealistic Movie Moments #1

  1. This post was so shocking, I dropped a full tea tray.

    But seriously, yes, you’re so right.

  2. That reply was so quick, I almost dropped the mouse!

    (No, I didn’t).

  3. I have dropped something because I was surprised… I was surprised that the dish was hot!

  4. I never thought of it, but you’re right. Who wants to clean up the mess?

    • I hate it when people in dramas get angry and smash up their homes… I mean, I know some people do that in real-life but WTF? Because in dramas they get otherwise “normal” people to do it, completely out of character. I’m like “She is the Landlady of a pub, she might be pissed off but she isn’t going to smash up her own business!”.

      • There were some people who lived here when I was a teenager who put the “fun” in dysfunctional. She broke out all the windows in their new mobile home. He beat a vaccum cleaner on the floor until he knocked a hole in the floor because she was sleeping with the Kirby salesman. She broke the windshield in his truck, nailed the gas pedal to the floor, turned the truck on and blew the motor. He gathered all of her clothes in the living room and poured bleach on them and the furniture. She knocked him down the front steps and jumped up and down on his leg until it broke. He took all her clothes to the dump and set them on fire. She tried to shoot him in my parent’s bar.

        They were insane.

        • I used to live next door to them, YC.

        • Oh my god! I can’t even begin to imagine WHAT these people are thinking. The whole “violent outburst” thing is completely alien to me – I can be a bitch but smashing things, or hurting people physically, is beyond me.

          Slightly off topic but just the thought that there are people out there who are capable of torture (even on a terrorist suspect) makes me cry. Man’s inhumanity to man terrifies me.

  5. You know, that ‘s a good point. I’ve never dropped anything in surprise either – except like FB Wife, because it’s too hot. (Too funny, btw!)

    It always makes me cringe when I see things like that, because someone has to clean that up.

  6. Oh, fiddlesticks! A rerun!

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