I’m Tired Of Arguing With Pricks On The Internet

Recently I’ve found myself arguing on the internet. I usually try not to get drawn into futile debates online (I’d be very surprised if anything I’ve said in these arguments has changed anyone’s views, for instance) but sometimes it is hard to let things pass. Ignorant racist bullshit can certainly rattle my cage and I seem to be stumbling across that all OVER the place.

I gave up on an argument in a forum (for a stupid daytime TV show) because of the sheer number of “we don’t need black presenters, because immigrants are already taking all our houses, jobs, women and oxygen” spouting moronic twats, who ganged up to fight my EVIL “can’t we all just be nice and get along?” stance. It was so depressing, to read their spiteful replies and their mindless prejudice, that (after replying a few times to people) I walked away from that place and never returned.

This morning I looked in on a debate in someone’s blog, to find I’ve been told to “Fuck off” (by some strangely angry bloke), for describing the situation around where I live (as in, I enjoy living in an area with a mixture of races) and because I said the UK wasn’t about to explode. Then some patronising cow weighed in, with a load of crap designed to convince herself (and me) that she is so far above me intellectually that I can’t possibly grasp her arguments. Which is a shame, because she did make the odd good point.

It is all so tiresome and draining  but it is also confusing. I don’t know whether I should just concentrate on writing my own blog and let other people say whatever they like, elsewhere, without challenging them… Or whether I should still bother to get involved, when people post things that I find abhorrent. or consider untrue. Sometimes I feel that by posting my take on things, I give them the excuse to become even more extreme in the views they voice.

On one hand, I don’t have the stomach for being insulted and slapped down by people who I have no chance of influencing anyway. On the other, I’d like to think that other people (say for instance, immigrants) might see my comments and be heartened to know that not everybody in the entire universe is a total c*nt.


30 responses to “I’m Tired Of Arguing With Pricks On The Internet

  1. The solution to this is to post your responses as your own blog posts, where you can control and delete other people’s comments as you please.

    • I don’t want to control and delete other people’s comments – I am not against debate… I’m just wondering whether I can be bothered to join in anymore.

      And I do feel a bit sad that the nasty hectoring internet users seem to have more stamina than the rest of us.

  2. Keep blogging, keep commenting, and carry on. I think it’s important to speak out because you never know who you are reaching. Have noticed a number of arguements online lately. There are a lot of angry people out there and, in my experience, their vitrol is misdirected and coming from a place that has nothing to do with the topic. Like I said, carry on, you are awesome.

    • Thanks, that’s very kind. I think I’m feeling a bit miserable today and I get pissed off when people are all right wing and stuff. Why can’t we all just sit in circles and sing happy songs about unicorns? Fucking racist knob-heads.

  3. The google ad at the bottom of this entry was “Immigrate to New Zealand”.

  4. Myself, I think there’s something to be said for the “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” method.

    Albeit I am firmly opposed to needless violence.

  5. My apologies Blogmella. While my initial post was meant to be satirical, it has generated some rather heated and largely unanticipated debate.

    • You were joking, I know that, but some people didn’t get it and I started to see red after a while.

      That bloke who went mental at me, WTF? Admittedly I said “You’re talking rubbish” but I meant that in a friendly Brit to Brit kind of way, because I live here too and he WAS talking rubbish.

      The other person – I give up with her, she just likes the sound of herself typing.

      I really love your posts but the recent political ones have dragged some ugly things out of people. I should know better than to rise to the bait.

  6. Oh, I can empathize! Been there, said that, still wearing the tire marks on that old t-shirt…

    Being able to speak freely is everyone’s right, including yours. But I agree, some days you just want to “turtle up”.

    Ignorance is curable through education, but stupidity is incurable by any means, and is often fatal. Karma will catch up with them.

  7. How dare you be a decent humanbeing that cares about the rights of others! You’ll certainly burn in Hell for that!

  8. I read the essay (and associated comments) this morning. I know nothing about this blogger, nor have I ever visited his site before – so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and submit he didn’t intentionally embrace racism. Many of the commenters, however, seem to be of the ilk that embrace the Rush Limbaugh/Glenn Beck/Sean Hannity model of race relations. Apparently, these individuals were not able (or perhaps not willing) to catch on to the fact that the piece was intended as satire.

    I can infer from those particular comments that the blogger needs to sharpen his sense of what satire is – and what it isn’t. Attempting to satirize something as serious as bigotry and/or racism is skating on very thin ice. I’d suggest that the blogger reconsider whether this was the right approach. A good place to learn would be your blog, Mella… You present parody as well as reality, and I doubt anyone here has trouble distinguishing between the two – I certainly don’t. Hell, for that matter, they could have a look at my blog – although, I have received a comment or two that’s caused me to consider some type of disclaimer ;-)

    My advice would be to shut these wingnuts down using your greatest gifts: humor and sarcasm. You have the amazing ability to shred these yo-yo’s while keeping a smile on your face. And try not to let them get under your skin – as soon as they start to, that’s a sign that it’s time to move on from it.

    Dammit, girl, I HATE it when you force me to step out of my character – what would my public think??

    • Thanks, and thanks for breaking your own rules, to comment.

      Don is very funny and lots of people who commented were playing along. But I agree it is a very dangerous subject and some real creeps emerged.

      I’d like to have been funny but I lost my sense of humour somewhere along the way. I was too fucked off to joke. Grrr.

  9. What I have found is that it’s generally useless to go to battle on someone else’s blog. This is why you have your own blog, your own “soapbox” as it were, to express your own opinions. Trying to debate with other commenters – especially those who refuse to get their own blogs – will only result in frustration and time-wasting for you. Save your breath for your own followers who are already interested in what you have to say. :)

  10. I’m on the side of anyone that can call people “pricks,” “spouting moronic twats,” “patronising cows,” and “total c*unts” in the same post. You’re right. At some point, you’re banging your head against a wall. People are stupid and think the anonymity of the web affords them the right to act towards others with a complete lack of respect or accountability for their statements and it’s a damn shame.

  11. For the record I love Don Mills’ blog. I find his satire very amusing and I look forward to Sunday nights when he posts his weekly topic.

    I have developed a personna for my comments that aligns with his humour. Do I hate young people? No. Do I hate immigrants? No. Do I think the world is ready to fall apart? No. However, when I’m there I spout rubbish, typically the exact opposite of what I really believe.

    That’s what makes his blog so fun and I believe most people follow that model. Granted, he may get the occasional kook who is serious in their comments, but most of the people are responding with their tongues firmly in their cheeks.

    If you read the comments you will see people waver in their opinions week to week based on the stance Don takes. If Don’s topic next week is in favour of illegal immigration to replace lazy young people, the comments would all be about how great illegal immigration is. The whole thing is hysterical.

    ‘Mella, I love your stuff, you know I do, but I think you took the one guy too seriously (and maybe he was serious since he acted like a kook and I don’t recall seeing his comments before). The other woman knows it all and you just have to roll your eyes and avoid her.

    Go forth and enjoy. If you don’t enjoy, don’t do it. Real life is full of unpleasant things, fake life shouldn’t be.


    • I don’t take Don seriously, I think he is very funny (he is on my blogroll, for that reason). I’m a fan of his, but I do think he was safer discussing young people.

      Normally I play along with him and have fun with it – but when he inadvertantly gives a platform to people who are genuinely nasty, I get sucked in.

      That British nutter WAS serious and continued to be so. I didn’t like his tone and I didn’t like him trying to represent my country in that way.

      The other person is not worth discussing – other than that she seems to focus on getting a rise out of me. In fact, you’re right, I shouldn’t play where it isn’t fun. I’m not going to hang out where she has a strong presence, I’ll just read the original post and not comment.

      • Typically I only read the first evening’s comments and then Don’s replies. I didn’t even know this went on until I read your post today.

        As with everywhere on the internet, certain topics bring out the WORST people. Re-reading the nutjob’s comment, I can see why you would get a little annoyed. At first I thought he was talking about the US, and while my neck of the woods is known as God’s Country, there are other places that aren’t so fortunate…inner cities, border areas, coastal areas…so I ignored him. Now if he had insulted Wyoming, I would have probably told him to shut his mouth as well.

        And after reading the other person’s comments for weeks, I figured she worked with me. ;-)

  12. Hello Blogmella, I’ve just come from Don’s blog. I liked what you said. You sound cool to me. I could go on but I’m tired today – just wanted to give you a little support. :)

  13. Thanks. I feel like you haven’t got a very good impression of me now. I’m not always complaining and swearing – I sort of keep that down to a couple of hours a day. ;)

    I like your pictures by the way.

  14. I would just like to bring a little clarity into the situation… Mr. Hambone is a meaty, fat head AND a jerky jerk face. I hope this helps. ;-)

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