Who Will Play Me In The Film Of My Life? (With Pictures)

I will almost certainly be played by Bette Midler. I know she is thirteen years older than me – but I haven’t had plastic surgery.

I suspect Bette will let her roots grow out a bit if she pretends to be me. She will probably flatten her hair and wipe her make-up off too.

Basically she needs to look like a woman who never expects to be photographed.

Of course, if the film is an animation, I will be played by a potato…


25 responses to “Who Will Play Me In The Film Of My Life? (With Pictures)

  1. The resemblance is uncanny. I mean to Bette Midlet, not the spud. That potato looks more like Drew Carey.

  2. You and Bette Midler do look a lot alike. I don’t think I have a doppelganger.

  3. That’s pretty solid. I had some guy tell me yesterday I look just like a manager at Hot Topic at the local mall. Somewhat less glamorous.

  4. You do look like her much younger sister who hasn’t had – and doesn’t need – plastic surgery. And you most certainly share wicked funny sense of humor.

  5. Younger you = Renee Zellweger.

  6. That is a really good picture of you and Bette would be perfect to play you cause they can make her look younger with filters and such. Sadly, all the people who could play me have all lost weight recently…bitches…and now I have to look further afield to find someone. Perhaps Dawn French with a Canadian accent?

  7. Hey, you really DO look like sisters! That’s pretty awesome. :)

    And you don’t look like a potato. :)

  8. Kristen Vangsness of “Criminal Minds”. Do y’all get that show?

    • This link is broken but I found pictures by the power of Google. She’s prettier than me I think, in a lipstick lesbian kind of way.

      I haven’t seen that show though.

  9. I love Kristen Vangsness. She’s funny and always dresses cute.

    When I was younger people told me I looked like Bette Midler, but I think it was the hair (remember, she used to have wild, curly hair). I guess that means you and I look alike.

  10. The resemblance is amazing – but in order to play you, Bette would need to get over her shyness and come out of her shell a little bit.

    I started thinking who would play me – all the logical choices are dead: Jayne Mansfield, Anna Nicole Smith, Tammy Faye Bakker and Linda Lovelace. Maybe someone from the younger generation, like that Lady Goo Goo or whoever the hell she is. If it’s going to be my entire life story, Amy Winehouse could easily play me at 70…

    • Poor Amy, I love her so much. I reckon Dolly Parton could be you at 70. And Chesty Morgan could play you now!

      • Shoot, they’re not THAT big – I only got what my budget could afford at the time… I don’t think I could handle anything bigger, but my hubby is positive he’s up to the challenge! ;-)

  11. Ugh – not Bette! When I was 20, I was having “relations” with my then girlfriend and Bette’s annoying “From a Distance” song came on the radio. It ruined the mood the way she kept repeating “God is watching us…God is watching us…”

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