10 Reasons I Enjoy Going To Church (On Top Of The Obvious God And Jesus Ones)

Getting up early every Sunday morning may sound like a bit of a chore but, so far, I enjoy going to Church and find it worth the effort. I’m not going to bang on about God and Jesus specifically – you will have your own beliefs and frankly I’m still not sure about how to describe mine. I can, however, list some of the reasons that I find attending Church a positive thing to do, beyond the undoubtable spiritual benefits and comfort it gives me:

1) Getting ready: I don’t have many “smart” clothes (especially since I’ve lost a lot of weight) but I still manage to look “dressed up” (for me) on most Sundays.  I used to go to Church in jeans and a T-shirt but now I quite like making an effort to look nice – I even iron my blouse!

2) Walking to Church: I really like walking to Church, because everywhere is quite and peaceful. I often see other dressed up people, and I know they are going to their Churches (or mine) too. That makes me smile. I don’t know whether to thank God or pollution, but I’ve been very lucky with the weather, on Church mornings.

3) Holy Water: The whole idea of Holy Water really appeals to me and the Anglican Church are right up there with the Catholics, when it comes to using it. It is awesome – it kills vampires, it frightens off demons and it purifies us, or something. I love the little stoup of water that we cross ourselves with, before entering the Church. Sometimes the Priest flicks Holy Water over us during the service and I struggle to decide how long it is polite to wait, before cleaning it off the lenses of my glasses.

4) Crossing myself: I like doing this but I had to learn how. I’m left-handed and I’m suspicious that the first few times I did it I was summoning the Devil by mistake. Not only does crossing myself make me feel Holy, it also makes me feel like I’m in a film, or I’m a Nun, or I’m a competitive sports legend.

5) The Church interior and stained-glass windows: Our Church is really old and traditional and beautiful. I love that.

6) The service: The Anglican Church put on a really good service. Loads of ornate things to say and reply, lots of standing up and down – and more songs than the Eurovision Song Contest. Brilliant. And I like the whole “Peace be with you” bit, where we go around shaking hands with everyone – I deliberately choose grumpy old people, and disruptive little kids.

7) The sermon:  I have, so far, never been bored by a sermon. What more can I say? I love it when the Priest (or whoever) goes, “Yesterday I was mowing my lawn and it suddenly struck me that a lawn mower is very much like Jesus…”. Hilarious. Every sermon I’ve heard has been thought-provoking and intelligent though.

8) Holy Communion: I’m still not Confirmed but I like going up for a Blessing.

9) The wine/tea/cakes: Staying after Church, sharing refreshments and chatting, is great fun. We have had a celebration of some kind almost every week though and that means glasses of wine BEFORE lunch. I must say, the only times I have been tipsy, since Christmas, can all be blamed on drinking after Church, in the Church building. Scandalous.

10) The walk home: I like walking home from Church, looking fine, full of the Holy Spirit and possibly with a nice little boozy buzz on. I like seeing how the streets have got busy and I stop off at the Asda to buy milk and cat food.

 Going to Church is well worth the effort.


16 responses to “10 Reasons I Enjoy Going To Church (On Top Of The Obvious God And Jesus Ones)

  1. Stained glass windows are usually very lovely. I like them during the daytime when the sun is shining through, but it is fun to see them from the outside at night too when the lights are shining outward.

  2. One thing I love about going to church is the social aspect. Almost everyone there knows us, talks with us for a few minutes, and when we miss two weeks in a row someone generally calls us on the telephone to make sure we’re okay and don’t need any help. Considering how much of our congregation is retired, I love that!

    • I like that too! I thought they’d all be freaks but people there are so kind.

      • ^_^ I really thought going into it that that sort of thing was incredibly nosy and judgemental, sort of a ‘why aren’t you at church young lady?!?!?’

        but instead it’s an,

        “is everything okay? Do you need something brought to you, or a ride to the hospital? Here, I kept one of the printouts of the sermon, I’ll pass it to you next week.”

        So much of my current congregation is older than me, it’s like a room full of grandparents, with about the same level of warmth.

  3. “Summoning the devil” HAHAHA!

    I feel lonely when I miss church. It just makes my week feel weird.

    • I don’t know do I? Hahahaha! I don’t want to be a portal for the Dark Forces.

      I wouldn’t like to miss Church now… I’m settled in to it and it does make me feel better.

  4. I was raised Methodist. Talk about boring. My husband is Catholic. Now that’s a religion I can get into. I love the ceremony, the traditions and yes, the wine. I’m left handed, too, but never thought about summoning the Devil! I’ll have to ask my husband about that one.

    • I think I’m too imaginative (about the Devil thing).

      I was baptised in the Anglican church (the one my parents got married in) but my Mother was an ex Sunday School teacher for the Methodist Church. Methodists ARE boring and my Mum didn’t really take us anyway, she was “over” religion by then.

      I love all the Catholic stuff too (Dave is Catholic) and I thought maybe I should ask to go there… And THEN I found out how “High Church” Anglican worship is! We might as well be Catholics! We even say the odd “Hail Mary”. So I decided to follow the religion I was baptised into and here I am, blogging about Christianity… (Blimey).

  5. My favorite sermon was one a friend of mine told me about: it was a very hot day in a church with no air conditioning when the priest walked up to the pulpit and said, “Hey, if you think it’s hot in here…” [then he pointed down]. That was it. End of sermon! Brilliant!

  6. LOL, All good reasons. :)

    Just a thought though – have you tried removing your glasses before he flicks the Holy Water on you? That way you wouldn’t have to wonder when it’s okay to wipe them. When you see him coming, just whip them off. ;)

  7. I’m glad that your church community is helping you out so much. Hey, my Dad told me how he’d teach kids to cross themselves – face the class and do it backwards, and every little hand will do it properly.

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