Obscene Sausage

Was looking at old photos this evening and found this picture of Brandon (only taken three years ago, hasn’t he grown?!).

Look at his naughty face! He persauded me to take a picture of this sausage (in a cafe) because “It has a bell-end, like a penis”. Hahahaha!


16 responses to “Obscene Sausage

  1. I’ve only got about a million possible comments running through my head right now…

  2. And suspiciously close to his mouth, like a penis.

  3. Hahahahaha!

    Any time I hear someone say “cheeky” that is EXACTLY the expression I picture. :D

  4. Oh. my. God. That’s crazy!

    You’re such a bad mother for encouraging him! ;)

  5. HAHAHA! He looks so devilish.

  6. This is great! Thanks for sharing! (Are you hoping that people searching for “sausage penises” will stumble upon your blog and it will improve your viewership?)

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