Zuul’s Upstairs Window Plunge!

When Brandon came home from Cadets, on Monday night, Dave and I pretended we had become Mormons. It wasn’t big, it wasn’t clever but it WAS very funny (for us). Some of you read the post I made about it and expressed concern for Brandon’s emotional welfare. Sadly for Brandon, his nerves had a worse test to endure, just 15, or so, minutes after our cruel trick.

Monday night was dark, wet and windy but nevertheless, having finished with our little ruse, Dave decided to pop out and get some Coke. Meanwhile, Brandon went upstairs, followed by Zuul (our youngest cat). Zuul isn’t an ordinary cat – he has a perpetual look of insanity in his eyes, he is a compulsive eater and he often has long arguments with Dave, where he tries to get the last “miaow”. You never know what he will do next.

Suddenly Brandon called me to his room,

“MUM! My window was open and now Zuul is outside, on the window sill!”.

I ran upstairs to Brandon’s room, yelling NOT to reach out to the cat. Bran was still looking out at Zuul, then looked at me, in shock.

“Zuul has JUMPED!” he cried and started laughing hysterically. I mean REAL hysteria.

“WHAT!?” I yelled, horrified.  It was true, Zuul had gone from the window sill and plunged down, into the rainy darkness. We headed down to the back garden, hearts in mouths. I reassured Brandon, by reminding him that our lawn was about two feet high and that in any case, Zuul was so fat he would probably bounce.

At first we couldn’t see Zuul, in the darkness. It was very quiet and I was worried… But then I found him. He was absolutely fine! He was rather subdued and kept blinking slowly, with a far-off look in his eyes, but nothing was broken. Meanwhile Brandon was still in shock, intermittently laughing like an idiot. Dave came in and got the whole story, in a torrent of madness.

Maybe it was some kind of “sign”…

(Brandon has now fully recovered).


26 responses to “Zuul’s Upstairs Window Plunge!

  1. I’m glad I read the whole post – because when I started, I was anticipating that it was Brandon that had jumped, in order to avoid being Mormonized. I’m glad everyone is okay, although the description of the “far-off look” in the cat’s eyes makes me wonder if perhaps he has joined some sort of feline cult.

    • He was in the room with the Mormons, even when we were praying. Perhaps he thought Mormon Jesus would catch him and fly him to your house, in America.

  2. So glad Zuul is alive and well.
    I’ve had cats like that.
    They make for great entertainment but one never knows what they might get up to next!

  3. How many lives does Zuul have left?

  4. (1) It’s great that Zuul is fine and dandy, and hopefully learned a little something about windows that she won’t forget in a hurry. We hope, however, that it’s not ‘you can leap from windows without getting hurt.’

    (2) It turns out that falling cats are fascinating – how does a variably positioned falling body right itself every time while still obeying the Law of Conservation? By flailing properly, of course, but still interesting.

    (3) My younger (1.5 yr) kid fell down the stairs yesterday when I was at work. When I got home, I’m accused of not showing enough sympathy because I tapped him on his toy firefighter’s helmet and told him he should have been wearing it earlier.

    • 1) Zuul is a boy, named by Dave. Zuul is not prone to learning anything GOOD. ;)

      2) I’m ready to take it to the next level and see if Zuul can survive in a bath of ice, next.

      3) You evil man.

  5. Zuul is such an awesome name for a cat!
    If the Mormons come back you should tell them you belong to an anchient Sumerian cult and Zuul is your leader. He’s obviously magic if he can survive falls from great heights.

    • Calling him Zuul was Dave’s idea. It’s OK until you go to the Vet and have to say it. And spell it. I think Zuul is a girl’s name but Dave insists it was a demon, who simply possessed a girl.

  6. No screens in your windows?

    • We don’t really have screens here, that’s too American. In the UK we scowl at flies and try to drive them out by being disapproving.

      • Screens not only keep out flies, but mosquitoes and other bugs like moths etc. They are also good at keeping cats in. It’s a Canadian thing as well and we are a related so it should be okay to have them in the UK. =)

  7. Awww…your cat is cute! I’m glad he’s ok.

  8. Zuul has probably been jumping off that ledge more than you know. Glad he’s okay and that Brandon recovered. Living with hysterical laughter could drive you around the bend also.

    • “Zuul has probably been jumping off that ledge more than you know.”

      That could well be true. It looks a long way down to us but cats can do amazing things.

  9. Oh my gosh, I would totally have freaked out if my cat had done that! I’m glad everyone is okay. :)

    And you almost made me spit my coffee onto my computer here with this one: “In the UK we scowl at flies and try to drive them out by being disapproving.” Does it work? ;)

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