Mindless Vandals

When I lived in Brighton, I would see bikes like this at least twice a week.

What kind of idiot goes around damaging bicycles? Was the motive sheer vandalistic pleasure? Frustration that the bike locks wouldn’t break and therefore the bikes couldn’t be stolen?  Or was it a personal vendetta, against cyclists?

Sometimes the way people behave utterly baffles me. Don’t they have ANY feelings for others? No consciences at all? No human decency? Virtually everyone I know has been a victim of crime, or several crimes. We are forced to scuttle from place to place, watched by CCTV, clinging to our possessions and regarding everyone else as a threat. Brilliant.

We need to stop fostering such a huge sense of “entitlement” in our children. We need to stop making TV shows where success depends on impressing bullies like Simon Cowell and fame is the only goal. We need to stop making TV shows like Big Brother, where showing off and trying to be popular are more important than being genuinely charming and accomplished. Maybe we just need to turn off the TV entirely, go out and pick up some litter.

Every time I look at the picture I took of those bikes, I get like this. I get angry and frustrated. I want to go into Brandon’s school and start lecturing kids about films and computer games. I want to tell them that in REAL LIFE, it isn’t acceptable to smash a room up, because you’re upset about something. I want to tell them that REAL justice isn’t served without a trial. I want to tell them that those “achievements” you earn on Xbox 360 are NOT achievements at all but are just something you sit around getting when you can’t be bothered to LIVE. I want to tell them that most of us adults are a bad example and we need them to be better than we are/were.

I don’t really know how to wrap this up but I’ve gone on for too long and I’ve ranted enough now. Thanks for reading. Take care out there and park your bike in a safe place, or better still, fit it with a booby trap. I need to make some tea, to calm me down.


19 responses to “Mindless Vandals

  1. I agree with this wholeheartedly.

  2. Yes, yes and yes!
    Especially this: “Maybe we just need to turn off the TV entirely, go out and pick up some litter.”

    That picture makes me angry, too. I need to try to do something altruistic today.

  3. It’s scary, isn’t it? To imagine that the same people that do the things you describe are going to run the world some day…..

  4. Now I’m all riled up too! When I was in college, every Monday morning all the bikes in one location of campus were all damaged. There was at least one up in a tree too. These people were legally adults and they were breaking things for no reason!

    Just to illustrate how “smart” these people were, there was a power outage one time on campus. What did these “studious” young-adults do? They roamed campus in a big mob and pushed over light poles. Never mind that it was storming out and they were exposing electrical wires! Forget that the lights were there for their safety! These people didn’t know what to do for one hour when the power was out because they couldn’t watch TV or play video games.

  5. I had some twat do that to a bike I had parked outside a store I’d popped into to pick up something for my landlady. It might not have pissed me off as much if it had been *my bike, rather than one I’d borrowed from a good friend w/ the promise to get it back to him in an hour so he could ride it to work.

  6. It’s sad, isn’t it, the way society seems to have gone entirely downhill? I feel the same way about the state of things here. I try to be optimistic though. Sometimes people grow up in time to smell the roses. :)

    • I think part of the problem is that we no longer enjoy/do things for the right reasons. What used to be creativity and self-expression is now just a bid for fame, or a way to make money.

  7. I never ceased to be amazed at the utter lack of consideration people have for one another any more. I watched a little girl completely destroy a caddy tonight as her beaming parents looked on and told her what a good girl she was being. Who cleans up that shit? And if no one does, what do the next people get? And if I had asked them to make her stop it, would they have stolen the entire caddy?

    I won’t even get into what type of inconsiderate pigs use public restrooms, but again, who do you think cleans up the mess?

    • I really don’t get some parents. If anyone had complained about my kids, I’d have been mortified and told the kids “See? You are showing us all up!”. Nowadays parents just get up in your face and let their kids see them compound the problem.

  8. This seems to me to be the moronic mentality of,”If I can’t have it, NO ONE CAN!” Utterly stupid, but then again, that seems to be the trend of the younger generations these days. It looks to have become a generation of “It’s all about ME, and bugger the rest of the world!”.


    • Bikes are such a good thing too, you know? Environmentally friendly, good exercise, something people save up for and then use to get around for free. Possibly, sometimes, someone might feel the need to steal one – but breaking them is just nasty.

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