Americans: This Is A Vest

Following on from my last post, about the REAL meaning of the word “jumper”… I shall now show you poor, deluded Americans, what the word “VEST” means (and doesn’t mean): 


This first picture is of a WAISTCOAT. A waistcoat is not, and never has been, a VEST. 


 The second picture I have for you IS a VEST. Look at it! Say “VEST”! That’s what a vest is. 

I’ve even made the waistcoat shot boring and the REAL vest picture extremely interesting, to help you fix this information in your mind. I’m so good to you. It isn’t easy, having to look at these kinds of pictures all morning and select good ones. I’ve been staring at that REAL VEST for so long now my eyes are hurting. I can still manage a few more minutes though… Mmmmm, VEST.


34 responses to “Americans: This Is A Vest

  1. Nah, “vesta” means sweater in Croatian, you have it all mixed up.

  2. I am continually amused at your insistence that the Brit definition is the *one true way* rather than a regional preference. But as long as you keep up with pictures like the second here, I shall indulge your solipsism quite happily!

  3. No, that is not a vest. That is what has become known as a wife beater because, whenever we watch the show Cops and there’s a domestic violence case, the guy is invariably wearing one of these.

  4. Funny, what YOU called a “Vest” is what is ACTUALLY called a “Muscle shirt” ,(I’m sure you can see WHY!) and in lower classes a “Wife beater”.
    :P Still- I thank you for the sacrifice if looking at ALL those photos of Muscle Shirts to find one to post for us!

  5. “Muscle VEST” sounds so gay that GAYS wouldn’t wear it!

  6. We call them tank tops or muscle shirts. Never vests or wife beaters, at least in my part of Canada. lol

    *note* No research at all has gone into my statement ;-)

  7. a waistcoat?

    well i’ve never heard of such a thing.

  8. Let’s see: it’s not a coat, and it doesn’t go around your waist, but it’s a waistcoat? The British are failing at the language they invented!

  9. Nonono! You’ve got it all wrong again!

    Those are – in order of appearance – a vest and an A-shirt.

    I don’t think most Americans even know what a waistcoat is. No one here EVER calls it that, because waistcoat is lame, especially as that goes over your chest, not your waist. So, it’s a vest.

    And the pullover ones without buttons are pullover vests.

    But that other thing you show is an A-shirt, because it would be worn under a dress shirt.

    Clear now? Good!! :D

  10. Blogmella, I can clear this up – you speak what is referred to as the “Queen’s English” – I just checked with our Queen here (Latifah), and she said, “That’s a f*****’ vest, chump!”

    Hence the confusion…

  11. A vest is anything that buttons up the front which doesn’t have sleeves and is worn in cooler weather. A waistcoat is a sleeveless thin garment men wear under suits or tuxedos.

    The second picture is what we call a wife beater.

  12. Why is it made of mesh? To repel mosquitoes? Or is that a requirement for people with abs like that?

    • I don’t know Mary – I think it is to trap the heat in the tiny gaps, if he puts something on, over the top. I hope he never does though, that would be a sin.

  13. I once had a coworker who came into work in ratty old flip-flops and a raggedy old wifebeater, every day he came in. He’d put a t-shirt over the wifebeater before the customers came in, thank God. But he’d take off the flip-flops behind the register and stand there barefooted. I was glad I had both shoes and socks between me and his foot funk.

    Item #2 is definitely a tank top (or tank, for short) or a wifebeater, not a vest–at least in American English. But thanks for clarifying. Boden’s catalog, which I adore, classifies all its clothes by British terms, and sometimes I get thrown off by them. :)

  14. Seaslug of Doom

    When I was a kid, we called flip-flops “thongs”, pronounced TONGS.

    Of course now the thing that pops into most people’s minds is thread-like undergarments that require TONGS to remove from ass cracks, or bum cracks, or fanny cracks. Whatever applies.

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