Dave Is Going To Suffer For This!

As I write this, my boyfriend is sleeping peacefully. His hair is tousled, his mouth is slightly open and all I can hear is the gentle rhythm of his breathing. He has no idea what cold and confused misery awaits him, as soon as he wakes up. You see… I’ve just had dream about him.

In real life, of course, there is no way that I’d find Dave in a suspect embrace with my Sister In Law. They’ve only met a couple of times and whilst the atmosphere between them was cordial enough, it didn’t seem to portend hanky-panky at any point. In fact, even in the dream itself , Dave explained that he had felt “ill” and that my Sister In Law merely hugged him in order to comfort him. My Sister In Law has been happily married to my Brother for about twenty-six years, Dave has never been unfaithful to me, and like I said, it was only a dream.

I’m still going to be in a mood with him though, I know it. I’ll try not to be, obviously, but it won’t be long before I’m slamming things down, giving him dirty looks and snapping sarcastically at anything he says. Well, I wouldn’t be having bad dreams about him if he wasn’t making me insecure somehow, right? And why am I dreaming about him and Wendy anyway? There’s no smoke without fire, maybe my SUBCONSCIOUS was picking up on something between them. Also, he looked like he was lying, in that dream. Oooohhh, I can’t forget that lying face of his…

So pity poor Dave, when he wakes up. Greater fear hath no man than that he should wake up to find his girlfriend has had a dream, in which he was unfaithful. Or at least, where it looked as if he might have been considering being unfaithful. Pity Dave, who will be confused, accused and shunned by the woman he loves – all for something he didn’t actually do and didn’t even think up himself.

Then pity me, because I was the one suffering that dream and he is to blame somehow, I know it!


29 responses to “Dave Is Going To Suffer For This!

  1. Don’t do that to the poor guy. You’ll just be reinforcing the stereotype that women are irrational, emotionally blinded, hormonal creatures inferior to males.

    • Haha! Why is it “hormonal”? Because I am a woman, everything I do is hormone driven?

      Anyway, I’ll try not to. But once I have a dream about being let down, I get very sulky. I’m too imaginative.

      • But.. it’s got nothing to do whatsoever with the poor dude, only with your potential insecurities (you didn’t think I could possibly get more annoying, did you?). Don’t needlessly spoil the good thing you have (unless it’s going to result in hilariously entertaining blog entries).

  2. I’m the same way. When I have a dream in which my boyfriend does something awful, he pays the price when I wake up: “I can’t believe you did that! Quick, go make me breakfast so you can start to make it up to me.”

  3. I hate those dreams! I’ll wake my husband up and tell him that he needs to apologize to me and don’t bother asking me why, just do it. It’s so irrational.

  4. You do realize that having such a dream may have less to do with what Dave may or may not be doing and more about insecurities you have?

    It may also not even be about Dave at all. It may be symbolic( speaking as someone who professionally teaches people to interpret their own dreams).

    If you’d like to learn how to interpret your own dreams, there’s a series of posts on this on my blog at http://www.ForesightYourCtPsychic.wordpress.com


  5. Go back to sleep and try to have your own scandalous affair.

  6. Perfectly normal! I do this all the time, and tell my husband about it when he wakes up.

    He loses track of the times I’ve said to him “I can’t believe you were so mean to me in my dream!”

  7. Usually my nightmares are about my husband eating the last piece of cake or spending all of our money on stupid stuff.

  8. Wow, it’s interesting to know my significant other isn’t the only one to do this. I’ve woken up a few times to that glare.

    “What did I do?”

    “It’s not what YOU did. It’s what you did in my DREAM!”

  9. Look in his underwear drawer, right-hand side, toward the back, under the handkerchiefs. If it did happen, and there are Poloroids, that’s where they’ll be…

  10. I hope Dave reads this so he’ll know it was actually him that pissed on your cornflakes this morning. Poor Dave, he should know better. ;-)

  11. “Well, I wouldn’t be having bad dreams about him if he wasn’t making me insecure somehow, right?”

    Poor Dave! Maybe you secretly want him to cheat? Or get caught trying?

    Or maybe you simply realized you’re really not into 3-somes as much as you thought. ;)

  12. I hate dreams like that. Make him pay.

    • I did.

      It wasn’t as bad as the dream I had where he made a porn film with two women. He probably wishes he had half that much luck in real life…

  13. Dreams are the waste disposal unit of the mind. You probably thought of Wendy and Dave during the previous day and maybe some trashy soap or read some scandal in a magazine and your mind glued the pieces together.

    I’ve had bizarre dreams where I have to get up and turn the light on to check the room to find I just had a dream.

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