Hear Me Speak!

Today, I decided to make an audio post. I thought it would be a new and fun thing to do. Hmmm… It turned out to be a bit of a struggle. Luckily, the lovely SoylentDave came to my rescue, so here it is (hosted on his website).

Me talking! Yay!

(Only just over two minutes long.)


10 responses to “Hear Me Speak!

  1. What a pleasant voice you have!

    And I could even understand through the Cockney, lol. :)

    Glad you got the post up successfully and could put the “Hulk” to rest. :D

  2. Haha! Thanks, it was beyond frustrating. I think my voice would have sounded better though, if I wasn’t recovering from a small nervous breakdown! :)

  3. Dave is very forgiving considering you were going to make him pay in the last post because you had a dream where he may have cheated. lol

    Nice to hear your voice again. =)

  4. how lovely to hear your voice!
    and I adore you accent.
    Hope you’ll be able to do more voice posts, now that you’ve made it through the rough spot. ;)

  5. You have a lovely voice! (Not that I was expecting anything different, that is).
    I could never do this. My voice is loud and nasal and I have a horrible habit of cracking myself up, so it would be about two minutes of just loud, abnoxious laughter.
    You seem much more well suited for this type of thing!

  6. The speakers don’t work on my son’s laptop. I’ll have to wait until he’s sleeping to get some time on MY computer.

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