Brandon’s Summer School Graduation Picture

Brandon now has a Street Dance degree, innit?

Further to my last post, here is a picture of the man himself, in his little gown and mortar board. Bless. He did do a really excellent rap, about recycling plastic bags, at the presentation ceremony. Look at those tired eyes – that’s what four days of student life does to you.


11 responses to “Brandon’s Summer School Graduation Picture

  1. You know he blatantly got drunk while he was there, right?!!

    • He claims to be teetotal, like one of his older brothers and like Dave. He drank half a (small) bottle of WKD at a party once, just to try out what alcohol was like, and promptly fell asleep. Hahaha!

      I don’t know if he was drinking at Uni, he says he wasn’t.

  2. He looks pleased with himself and happy. :)

  3. Go Brandon, Go Brandon, Go Brandon ……

  4. Congratulations to Brandon! Nice photo.

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