Some Idiot Is Passing My Writing Off As Their Own

I guess it had to happen some time… Who wouldn’t want to write like me? I write with the wit of Beavis And Butthead, the subtlety of Ray Winstone and the wisdom of Yoda (if he was mid-menopause). So yeah, some lying f*ck has posted an “article” I wrote and claimed it as their own… They have good taste, according to my stats it is one of the most popular things I’ve written. Funnily enough though, they didn’t nick it from Blogmella (even though I recycled it here) – they stole it years ago, from my old LJ account. There are plenty of ads on their website – It’s nice to know I’ve been making them money, since 2006.

So anyway, today I Googled the title of my post (to see if it was well placed) and there they were, just ABOVE me on Google, with MY writing. And they hadn’t put a link, or a credit – in fact they’d put “Written by…” underneath, followed by their own name! Thieving bastards!

I’ve contacted them and I’ll see what they have to say. If they don’t act quickly, I’ll contact Google Ads (who are advertising on their site). I have TONS of proof that the work is mine. OK, I still have my health and the World will not stop turning – but seriously, they need to f*ck right off.

Just before I go… We keep seeing adverts for these on TV – BUMPITS. Excuse me? Dave nearly wets himself every time the ad pops up. Presumably this hair product was designed and named in America, where BUM doesn’t mean ARSE. “Bumpits”? They might as well be called “Arseholes”. Hahaha!


21 responses to “Some Idiot Is Passing My Writing Off As Their Own

  1. Silly Blogmella…..they aren’t Bum-Pits, they are BUMP-IT’s

    They are a rather silly product and my friends and I make fun of them all the time.

  2. carolineofbrunswick

    It’s not a person that’s plagiarising you, it’s a data-mining website that’s copying your blogs so that they can have “proper” content on a website that is purely there for advertising purposes. Search for practically anything these days and you’ll find the original website at the top of Google’s results, and a load of data-mined websites, with the exact same text, further down.

  3. Whew – I’m in the clear, since I only steal photos, never writing.

    As for BUMPITs, I’m pretty sure those were invented as a way for women to try to have high hair in a pathetic attempt to imitate me. I should be flattered, I suppose – and I’d be lying if I claimed there were no plastic devices anywhere on my body – but never under my hair. I achieve my big hair the old-fashioned way – I buy it at the store.

  4. Depending on the topic in question, Google may not be the best way to find it anyway – if it was a philosophical musing on the nature of socks, most people wouldn’t want to find that sort of thing on Google.

    Social media (facebook, twitter) etc. is much better for that sort of thing…

  5. While imitation may be the greatest form of flattery, plagiarism IS NOT. Go get’em!

  6. Scraping is a pretty common thing on the Internet. Unfortunately there’s not a lot people can do. Contacting Google Ads might help some.

    When that happened to me and my husband, we started using the copyscape banners on our posts. I made up that whole little grid thing I use in response to being scraped. Generally, scrapes will just grab and entire post, so if they do, I’ll get the link-back from it and will know about it. You can go to and get a banner too, and also make a little copyright notice linking back to your blog so you’ll get a link-back too, like I did with that © thing. You can find that symbol on your character map, usually under the accessories or system tools on your start menu.

  7. Bump-its .. sooo tacky lol. They are a complete joke here too, but not about the bum thing. :D

  8. Yeah, go get em’!

    • I posted some comments (which are still hidden from the public), they didn’t reply but they DID suddenly disappear from Google. I can see the link I saved, but now my old account and Blogmella are the only ones on Google.

  9. That’s happened to me as well only it was on a short story site. I dropped out of the site immediately.

    I don’t understand the whole misshapen head hairstyle. Why on earth would you want to make your head look like an egg? I guess that’s why I’m always out of style.

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