Never Add Your Stepfather On Facebook

Brandon recently updated his Facebook status, with a line from a (cheeky) song. He should have guessed that Dave would tell him off…

Although possibly he wouldn’t have guessed what he would be told off  for.

(Please excuse my lack of Photoshop skills).


9 responses to “Never Add Your Stepfather On Facebook

  1. Brilliant! Dave should totally join my FB group ‘Pedant Pride’, members including my mum, my dad and my stepmother…

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  3. ROFLMAO! Another grammar Nazi! Hahaha! You missed the post I did a couple of years back where my husband corrected my spelling abbreviations on my grocery shopping list.

    I’ve always been a stickler for proper punctuation and grammar and whatnot, but still try to be flexible. Not so my husband! Sounds like you’re living with one too. :D

  4. I do this to my kids all the time. They intentionally misspell words just to see if I’m on my toes.

  5. See, I read the song lyric as “it is a shock to me and it is a shock to you . . . ” I which case, your son used the apostrophes correctly (as a contraction of “it is”).
    However, I am unfamiliar with the song and the context of the lyric, so . . .
    And I realize now, that this is the second time that I have second guessed Dave. Nothing personal, but we should probably never meet. :)

    • If only Dave WAS correcting the original post. But NO, Dave was mental enough to be correcting Brandon’s comment, where he says “in it’s category anyway”. Evil Stepdad.

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