Twilight Cat

Actually, as vampires go, Zuul looks a lot more like good old-fashioned Dracula.


13 responses to “Twilight Cat

  1. HAHAHA! That is an adorable picture. Love his little kitty teeth.

  2. That kitty is evil.

    BTW I have read down through your last few posts and note that you were looking for fundraising ideas. A cook book is a good one. You can potentially collect 3 or 4 recipes from each parishioner that are a) cheap b) reasonably nutritious c) not too many ingredients d) not too many categories – forget entrees e) fast to prepare. Then you find a local printer and use cheap paper with a cheap cover. No photos they’re too pricey. But if someone can do simple drawings of dishes for illustrations that’s wonderful. Swap your recipes round too, and try first, because something that’s been in someone’s head doesn’t always work on paper or in another kitchen.
    Aim to sell each book (door to door is fine) for a maximum of about 4 – 5 quid and keep your costs at no more than about half of what you sell them for. From experience most folks will buy a cook book. Mind you, like naughty calendars, you can only do this once a decade.

    • What sort of person doesn’t put an email addy on their blog? So as I can no more find your email than I can spouse’s socks, I shall have to add further thoughts on the cookbook publicly. I’m a bossy old fart as you may have gathered, but your blog is good even if you do have questionable taste in … ;)

      If you get cracking now, you’ll be ready to roll about a month before Christmas. That way you can sell two or more to each punter on the grounds that they make good gifts.

      Best to sell door to door. If you leave them at the newsagent to sell they get nicked and bang goes your profit.

      Have more printed than you think you’ll sell because you will either underestimate or you can sell leftovers at another fundraising occasion later on.

      • Thanks for the ideas! I don’t have an email on here because I fear the Freaks. I’ve had a few before (on LJ) and I feel it is better to force them to contact me via something like this. It puts them off.

        I will certainly suggest a cookery book, because we have (low grade) printing facilities available. :D

  3. Hahahahaha! What great picture! If he had a white circle on his chin he’d look so much like my kitteh that I had as a teen. :)

  4. Rawr! Does he let you run his belly or does he just do that to taunt you?

    My cat always does that followed by claws. “Here, come rub my tummy…NOT!”

  5. Doesn’t look like a Twilight vampire cause he isn’t sparkling and he looks like he has a personality. There is no Edward, only Zuul.

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