The Hungry Turtle

Recently I have been blogging every day and enjoying it – but today I am tired, drained and feel more sluggish than Jabba The Hutt. I decided to read through my old journal, to find a post to recycle. It didn’t really work out though… My old posts make me feel sad and odd today. *mope*

To cheer myself up, I’ve decided  to share a photo I stole, from a message board I used to belong to. I forget who took it (it was ages ago but if anyone can tell me, I’d love to credit her). It is the best picture of turtle eating a strawberry EVAH.


13 responses to “The Hungry Turtle

  1. whatigotsofar

    Cowabunga dudes!

  2. He looks so excited to eat that strawberry. I think he’s secretly screaming, “Yummy Strawberry!”

  3. He is crazy for that strawberry! Too funny.
    Reading old journals can be a bad idea. I usually puts me in a place that I long thought I had moved on from.

  4. OOGWAY!!

    “You may wish for an apple, or an orange, but you will get a peach.”

    From Kung Fu Panda. :D

    Here’s a pic –

    I’m sorry your old posts made you sad. I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

    (Hmm, it’s not letting me post this, saying I already did, but it’s not anywhere I can find it. Sorry if this is a duplicate! Feel free to delete!)

    • Hahaha! I haven’t seen Kung Fu Panda yet but I LOVE Jack Black, so I’d like to.

      Thanks for the hug :).

      My whole account was a bit f*cked up for a while, dumping lots of posts into the Spam folder. Thanks for continuing to try – you have more patience than me. :D

  5. Love turtle. Don’t look back. Deleted 1500-page journal I’d kept on computer one year. So glad I pushed that button. :)

  6. Yeah, that’s why I dump my old posts. Sometimes it’s just better to think about the strawberry in front of you!

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