I Am So Angry

Grrr. I have just sent a stiff email to the Stagecoach Bus Company, here in Manchester. Brandon had to catch a bus this morning and used his week-long “Easyrider” ticket. He had a valid Travel I.D. card and a valid ticket, both of which were kept in a Travelshop holder. Neither was damaged, or tampered with. Brandon was clean, tidy, sober and polite…

The driver wouldn’t let him on.

Why? Apparently the driver could tell that his ticket was “fake”. Even though it had been issued on a bus, was sealed in plastic and had all the appropriate marks and dates. He looked once, didn’t hold it himself, didn’t take it out (or ask Brandon to take it out) of the wallet. He said it was fake and asked Brandon to leave the bus, then repeated himself when Brandon held the ticket up for further perusal.

Is it any wonder that teenagers get rude with people these days? No WAY would the driver have treated me like that. And WHY did he think the ticket was FAKE? We shall never know, because he wouldn’t explain, or discuss it. It isn’t even Bran’s normal bus route, so it isn’t like he has been messing about with kids on the school bus (in the past) and made an enemy of one of the drivers. Brandon is a good kid anyway.

I hate petty little Hitlers, who get one tiny bit of power and then go crazy. I hate adults who treat all teenagers as though they were criminals. And I hate ANYONE who is mean to one of my kids… Especially BRANDON.

I feel sorry for anyone else who crosses me, or mine, today!


22 responses to “I Am So Angry

  1. I have a dislike of bus drivers ever since one of them almost left me stranded 20 miles from home at night with no cellphones back then or payphones in sight, and nobody to come pick me up or take me in. All over a ticket he told me earlier would be acceptable for the way back home. I was in high school, on that same route every day. In the end, a teacher took pity on me while he was shouting at me and bought me a ticket (I didn’t have enough money for one).

    Of course, there are the rare good guys who’ll stop and wait for you as you’re running up to the bus station, just when the bus is about to leave. I always thank them and try to be polite, hoping it’ll.. stick. Somehow.

  2. What a jackhole. A pox on his house.

  3. I’m convinced that it was a real pass and a counterfeit Brandon. I do not need to explain or discuss why I think we’re dealing with a Brandon from another dimension…that’s just how I roll.

  4. In my line of work I’ve found teenagers are more polite and respectful than most adults. I hope karma gives that guy a good nut punch.

    BTW, did you draw that lovely self portrait?

  5. I can tell by your picture that you are steaming mad, and I don’t blame you one little bit. To have one’s child accused of lying when you know they didn’t, that’s so … it makes you really want to hurt someone. I hope the bus co makes him apologize and they give Brandon free passes.

  6. Whenever something like this happens, I always feel sorry for the bus driver. Can you imagine going thru life being such a hater? His life must suck so bad that his only form of happiness is being mean to people for no good reason. It reminds me of the UK immigration men that deported me from your stupid country. I like British people, just hate GB. :)

  7. I’m so feeling it for you, and Brandon. Good kids sometimes pay the price for the brats.

  8. I hate petty little Hitlers, who get one tiny bit of power and then go crazy.

    Well, sad to say, but both my grown daughters have fallen into this catogory. Never thought I’d have problems with them, but I do. Can’t even write about it, it would take all night.

  9. Really? Gah! We can only do our best… In the end I believe nurture can only go so far, our kids make LOTS of choices themselves, based on things we (as parents) had no control over.

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