What On Earth Is Brandon Doing To This Cat?

Today is Brandon’s birthday! My baby son is fifteen today… How time flies. To celebrate, I’m posting a few pictures:

My hopes for his future –

Perhaps Brandon will become a proctologist

My memories of taking him to see Father Christmas –

He knows if you've been bad or good

How he sees himself –

Brandon owns this t-shirt in real life

And his love of animals –

Zuul has decided not to press charges

Just a magical glimpse there, into the joy of Motherhood and the wonderful task of bringing up Brandon. May he live long and prosper!


14 responses to “What On Earth Is Brandon Doing To This Cat?

    and to mama: many happy returns of the day your boychild came into the world.

  2. Happy Bday, Brandon! If you do indeed poke badgers with spoons, then surely you have a future in proctology. Pew. Happy Anniversary of Brandon, Mom!

  3. Happy Sweet 16 to Brandon! I hope he has a wonderful and awesome day. :D

    • Haha! Noooo he is 15 today! But thanks, he has had a great time. :D

      • Whoops! My bad, so sorry! I misunderstood and thought you’d said he was 15 in previous posts, not that he was nearly 15.

        Happy 15th, Brandon! :)

        • No worries, I’ve been thinking of him in terms of being almost 15 for some time. I think it is because he has been doing so many grown up things lately (The Uni course and work experience). He is almost the youngest kid in his year at school, so he gets to do everything early. Bless him.

  4. You got one cool looking kid there. He must get it from his momma. :)
    Happy birthday to Brandon from some random person on the internet who he has never met!

  5. Happy birthday to Brandon! What a great bunch of pictures.

  6. Now I feel old.

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