Dried Fish Snacks

When I was a care-worker, I often worked with a Chinese girl (from Hong Kong) called Sam. This is her:

Chinese people are awesome

 Like every single Hong Kong Chinese person I’ve ever met, Sam was AWESOME. I’ve never seen anyone work so hard, or smoke so hard. That girl could roll and wash a client twice her size, single-handed and FAST. She could smoke, drive and swear in broken English, all at the same time as flipping the middle-finger at other drivers and filling in her time-sheets. Brilliant. She was funny too, and generous. She once gave me  a present, just to be kind…

Fish snacks are "different"

I must say, these strips of leathery dried cod were slightly less than “delicious”. On the other hand, they weren’t “horrible”. The best word to describe them would be “different”, or maybe “interesting”. I like food, so I ate quite a few, before everyone else in my house came running into the room.

“What the f*ck is that SMELL?” they all yelled.

Because I have no sense of smell at all (due to a childhood illness) I hadn’t realised that dried cod strips reek of…. Well, dried cod. I finished the packet and never ate them again.

As for Sam – I still think she is awesome. I want to come back as a Chinese person, after I die. Chinese people from Hong Kong are the coolest people in the world.


15 responses to “Dried Fish Snacks

  1. My cousin has two Chinese daughters and they are the coolest kids on the planet. As for the cod piece(s) haha – did dried fish actually sound like a good thing? I know, you were just being polite:)

    • Food always sounds like a good thing to me. I didn’t think about the smell, it rarely crosses my mind. Once I had tasted them though, I kept looking at the goldfish on the front of the packet and thinking “Is she tricking me? Am I supposed to be dropping these into a pond, to feed the Koi Carp?”.

    • Yeah, I don’t plan on eating any cod pieces anytime soon.

  2. I’ve had those! An interesting savoury snack, though rather lacking in fish flavour. I’d agree that the smell is stronger than the taste. OTOH, quite nice, and low fat, so if I see any more, I’m buying them.

  3. I love that the ‘Related Posts’ are things like Market Talk: Yuan Pact to Benefit Bank of China (Hong Kong) – MarketBeat – WSJ

  4. I can’t believe Zuul wasn’t perched on your head trying to snag a fish snack out of your mouth.

  5. I like my cod battered and baked, as in Van deKamp’s fish filets, in a box. :)

    So, you have no sense of smell, but you can still taste things? I thought if someone lost their sense of smell, they lost the ability to taste too. I’ve always heard that, and I once met a lady who had lost her sense of smell due to a car accident, and she claimed she couldn’t taste anything either. I have always wondered how true it was, because in a way it has never made sense to me. Taste buds are on the tongue, not in the nose.

    And you really might enjoy reading Amy Tan. :) She’s awesome.

  6. I’ll look into Amy Tan, thanks!

    *I* think I can taste things (as you say, I still have taste buds) but I’m not sure if I enjoy the same experiences as those who can smell. For instance, I put a lot of salt and sugar on my food (or I used to, my health is more of a concern to me now), to make it taste nice. But I can’t really tell (without seeing green bits) whether or not food has herbs in it. And garlic – I think that has to be strong enough for me to FEEL it deadening my mouth! Heh. So I guess my sense of taste is there but not very sophisticated.

  7. I totally forgot about your smell-lessness. That’s probably the only way you were able to eat all those fish snacks!
    I have a friend from Korea (not Chinese, but she is still way cool) and my sister and I made her take us to a real Korean restaurant (where the menu is all in Korean) and order food for us. It was delicious. Afterwards, we went to the ethnic market and I asked her to pick out what she would eat (cause I couldn’t read any of the packages) and I bought all of it. It was like being a foreigner in my own state. I loved it!

  8. I’m allergic to fish, but even if I weren’t, I think I’d have a hard time with those. Maybe with a chocolate fondue dip, I don’t know…

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