My Date With Davros (Leader Of The Daleks)

As I mentioned in my post YESTERDAY, I had a date last night – with Davros, leader of the Daleks. What an evening! Davros is quite a guy.

Davros likes sushi

 We decided to meet up for sushi, since Davros had never tried it before and I like it so much. We made plans over the phone – so Davros agreed to wear a pink rose in his buttonhole, in case I didn’t recognise him. I carried a copy of  Woman’s Weekly, so he would know me.

At the start of the date, Davros was a little shy. He is often stared at in public, because of the negative image he was given on Doctor Who.

“It was all about the editing” he told me later, “They deliberately made me look bad.”

I felt rather sorry for him and certainly found him to be a complete gentleman. He was very attentive to my every need and even threatened to DESTROY a waitress, when she forgot my drink. Bless him. He liked sushi and since he only has one arm, it was perfect for him to just pop in his mouth.

We soon got chatting and found out we have loads in common. Davros likes cats and has a ginger tom called Simon. We both dislike spiders. Like me, Davros is an avid Manchester United supporter – he frequently joked that local rivals Manchester City should be “EXTERMINATED!” which was hilarious. In the end though, I had to ask him to lower his voice. He is very loud when he gets excited and I know that’s just part of his Kaled culture, but as I told him,

“You’re not on Skaro now and you’re not in America either – so keep the volume down!”.

Davros couldn’t guess my star sign and was amazed to hear that I am an Aries! He was very pleased and couldn’t wait to point out that as a Sagittarius his sign is compatible with mine. Sometimes I could see quite a twinkle in his cybernetic eye.

Of course, Davros also has a serious side and I have to admit, we did discover some huge areas of difference. Politically we are poles apart – I’m a “bleeding-heart liberal”, whereas Davros wants to control the entire Universe by wiping out any race, or individual, who stands in his way. He is a science geek and can hold forth on many areas of science, especially genetic engineering and biological warfare. In contrast, I got a “C” in my Biology ‘O’ Level and used to be an active member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. We still had a lovely chat though.

In the end, Davros and I decided to be “just friends”. He was much nicer than I expected and much more charming than you might imagine. If I learned anything from my time with him, it is that you shouldn’t judge somebody until you have actually met them and that just because somebody is Supreme Overlord of the Daleks, it doesn’t automatically make them a bad person.

(Picture from Daleklinks)


14 responses to “My Date With Davros (Leader Of The Daleks)

  1. He’s not the Supreme Overload, he’s a very naughty boy.

  2. I hope Davros gets that reference and sees the funny side. Otherwise… It was nice knowing you!

  3. Nice! Are you going to be dating any other aliens in the near future? Does Dave need to be set up on a blind date for our amusement?

  4. I don’t let Dave date other people! As for me, I don’t know… I genuinely saw Davros on Rabbit Chat & Date. I suppose another alien might come along at some point. ;)

  5. I sure hope that Davros learned something from you as well. Maybe, even, how to love.

    And I knew I liked you for a reason. I’m an Aries, too.

  6. Hahahaha, funny! You did a good job on this. :)

  7. I’m sorry things didn’t work out for you. If you’re interested in alien overlords, however, I’ve recently been hired as a public relations agent for Ming the Not-So-Bad. (People used to call him “the Merciless” but as a PR man, I’m working to change that.) He’s not that handsome but he’s really rich – richer than J.K. Rowlings even! I could hook you up if you’d like. Oh, but what ever you do, don’t mention the rock group Queen. He really hates them for some reason.

  8. I love it. You’ll have to let us know how it goes if you ever date a tree-person from the Forest of Cheem.

  9. You know what’s funny? I remembered that you once lived near the Queen of Frigia as I was writing that. Just more memorable Blogmella awesomeness!

  10. My friend Darth has been single for a while – I’m sure I could arrange for the two of you to go on a date if you’re interested?


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