God Is From Ghana

At the Church I go to, services are structured around  The Book Of Common Prayer and thus they tend to have a series of elements that are repeated every week. The Priest, or reader, says something and the congregation reply.

Because I am relatively new to Church, I tend to listen very carefully to the people around me, to make sure I am saying the right thing (there is a booklet but it can get confusing). I also tend to stand in the same place, in the same pew, every Sunday… And that is how I found out that Ghanaian is THE accent of Christianity.

Every week I hear the Ghanaian lady behind me (also a creature of habit about where she stands), saying her prayers etc. and it sounds PERFECT. Sometimes we have a Bible reading by an elderly Ghanaian guy and that too is absolutely awesome. God should be called “The LAAAHHHD” and nothing else. I love hearing it, it inspires me. By contrast my “Lawd” sounds utterly rubbish.

I’m still finding Church brilliant and peaceful and a joy. Sadly, I got a bit drunk at the “Bring and Share” lunch today and staggered home like a lush. I’d better say a couple of prayers to apologise to the LAAAHHHD for that, I think.


5 responses to “God Is From Ghana

  1. I have a similar feeling about the Hispanic accent. Hay-Seuss sounds so much nicer to me that Jee-Zuss.

  2. Blogmella – just wanted to see where you lived and discovered we have a few things in common: Book of Common Prayer and Ghanians.

    I rent to student boarders (2) and have a wonderful young man from Ghana here now. He has become a citizen and is finishing up his degree and doing ROTC. He his hardworking and bright and cheerful and he doesn’t misread pictures and words like I do LOL.

  3. They say it with passion and reverence, it sounds like.

    I like saying Jesus the Hebrew way – Y’shua. :) (Yeh-shoo-ah) The Anglicized version is actually Joshua.

  4. You should take a visit to my corner of the globe and to a mostly black Baptist church. It’s a completely different experience, very animated and the congregation takes a active role in the service. And the choir! Brings tears to my eyes.

  5. One of the things I find intolerable at my church is when the old ladies sing and their voices vibrate. How do they do that shit? Better yet, how do I get them to stop? It’s like somebody is standing on a cat in the choir loft.

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