The Website I Can’t Stay Away From

Here it is folks – 

I love this website and I visit it almost every day. Why? Because it has a clean, simple beauty. I can look at this website and find out something interesting about almost anywhere in the World. No political bias, no religious opinions, no stupid blogger trying to be funny… The World Clock just tells the time. And it tells it like it is.

If I’m surfing the internet at bedtime, I can look at the World Clock and go “Wow! People in New York are just leaving work!”. Then I’ll scan through and see that in Kuala Lumpur they are just sitting down to breakfast. And Dubai? They are probably already fast asleep.

It isn’t just the times though. Did you know there is a place called Tegucigalpa? No, nor did I. Anadyr? Never heard of it. Sometimes I just look at place names and think “I KNOW SOMEONE WHO LIVES THERE!” and feel all important and smug.

The World Clock has other features but I don’t bother too much with those. I just like seeing what time it is, somewhere else. What? It is very, very cool.


5 responses to “The Website I Can’t Stay Away From

  1. And there aren’t any annoying, theoretical physicists to tell us that time doesn’t exist.

    Also, 5:29 AM in Amsterdam…time for bed!

  2. That’s a fascinating site! I’ve always been interested in time – once, many years ago, I sketched out some plans for a time-division oscillator based on cesium atoms, which, in theory anyway, would provide more accurate timekeeping than the atomic clocks in use in those days. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish fleshing out the technical details, since it was time to perform my next table dance. One wonders what might have been…

  3. I have a mini world clock on my phone and I play with it a lot. I like to see who’s sleeping and who’s awake.

  4. That’s pretty cool. I have always wondered about the places that are 30 min off. What made them go for 4 and a half hours from Greenwich Time? Craziness!

  5. Temporal fascination – the first baby step towards becoming a Time Lord? ;)

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