The Type Of Person I Hate

The art teacher who draws on your picture. WTF does this person think he (or she) is doing? YES the legs are too short, NO cows don’t have the same tails as horses…  But tell me with WORDS, indicate with your finger, Most of all DO NOT DRAW ON MY PICTURE. Nobody should draw on somebody else’s picture. Even Simon Cowell wouldn’t draw on somebody else’s picture. I hate that sort of art teacher.

The person who chats with you but doesn’t listen – and then enquires about something that you’ve already explained. “Is your brother going to be there?”, YES you ignorant f*ck, I told you about two minutes ago that he is driving up with his family to be there. You’re not old, you’re not deaf and you don’t have special needs… You’re just so RUDE and SELFISH that as far as you are concerned, my words are mere punctuations, rests if you will, between your own verbal spewing. In other words, you’re not listening.

The person who dumps you romantically and then says “But we can still be friends, right?” Oh yeah, OF COURSE we can. I mean, OK, you’ve just reached into my chest, torn out my heart and spat on it… But I’d still like to hang out. Hell, I hope I’m hanging out with you when you meet someone better than me, someone you can REALLY love, it will give me something to live up to! Oh please. The only way I can be friends with an Ex who dumped me, is if five years of no contact have passed (and I’m over him), or if he has been mangled in a horrible farm-machinery accident, (which would possibly dredge  up some pity in me).

The person who tries to be “wacky” or “zany” because they cannot face how boring they are. Anyone who says “everyone at work thinks I am just CRAZY! They never know what I’m going to do next!” Should eat shit and die. I swear, that person isn’t “fun”, they are the most loathed and avoided person in the building. People who are mad don’t know it – so if you’re going around saying “I’m mad!”, what you probably mean is “I want to be funny but I’m not”. And laughing loudly in a stupid way doesn’t make you interesting either, which is why I stopped meeting Jane for coffee and started pretending that I was dead when she called.

The sort of person who says “I never watch TV”. Not people who just haven’t got time, or the money for a TV, but the person who uses this as a way to prove how CLEVER they are. Refusing to watch TV doesn’t make you any brighter than someone who refuses to read books (there are some rubbish ones in Waterstones you know), or someone who refuses to go to the cinema (because they once saw “Joe vs The Volcano”). TV is like everything else, you have to exercise some taste and frankly if you’d rather miss all the GOOD things on TV than do that, I think you’re rather stupid.

The person who says “I speak my mind”. OK, I know, I’ve just spent far too much of your time speaking my mind… But c’mon, you know the sort of person I mean. I hate it when people pretend that being insensitive is a virtue, especially if that same person gets all moody when they get some back. There is a pretty thick line between being “honest” and being “cruel” and people who decide to “speak their minds” usually know full well that they are crossing it, in big stomping boots. What they really mean is “I’m a verbal bully, with no social skills”. Or in the case of the UK “I’m from Yorkshire”.

I actually hate more people than this but I’ve said enough for one day. Who do you hate?


24 responses to “The Type Of Person I Hate

  1. I hope I’m not in the ‘never watch TV’ category – I don’t have one, but just because when I did have one I found I never turned the thing on, preferring the internet, not because I think it makes me clever…

  2. I’m totally with you on the whole not being friends with exs. I ran into my exfiance a couple weeks ago at a restaurant, and we both happily ignored each other. I lived the dream.

  3. I completely agree with each and everyone of these. I hate all these people, too. And, I hate anyone who doesn’t think this post is brilliant!

  4. I hate the people who throw around big words just because they think they know what they mean, even when they don’t. Taking this point further, I hate writers who reach for the thesaurus in moments where the common word is perfectly adequate and likely flows better.

    I also hate people who use common phrases / cliches incorrectly and then ARGUES that their version is the right answer. For example, people who say “for all intensive purposes” instead of “for all intents and purposes”

  5. Oh yes! We all know each of these personalities, don’t we. I love this post.

  6. This is kind of a follow-up to the person who chats with you but doesn’t listen.

    How about, “The person at the party (or whatever) who talks to you but spends the whole time looking over your shoulder for someone cooler to talk to you.” What a douche!

  7. I can totally agree with you in that I, too,used to hate when my art teachers would draw on MY work of art. It’s like WTF, I know you’re trying to teach me, but don’t go acting like this drawing is yours. Go get your own damn piece of paper.

    sorry, you drew the rant from childhood out of me.

  8. I also can’t stand the art teacher who does the students’ projects for them. (My teacher was like this. Then, he would give all the projects he did 100% because he liked them.) Do math teachers do addition for their students and do English teachers take their students’ spelling tests?

  9. Hey! I’m the Boring person who pretends to be wacky! ^___^

  10. LOL I had to laugh at the exs one, and the speak my mind one. :D

    My ex got the bright idea, when we were divorcing, he said, “Hey! Now we can double date!” *eyeroll* Uh, no. No. We can’t.

    Those “mindspeakers” are just using that – like you said – as a justification to be an ass.

  11. You nailed the ex and the I’m crazy ones for me.

    I am NEVER friends with an ex. If you are my ex it’s because you were a complete ass and I don’t want to ever see you again because it shows I had bad taste. This goes for former friends as well.

    One of the servers started out as “crazy” and now she’s the most hated person at the restaurant. “Crazy” in her case means irresponsible, lazy, childish, and moody unless she’s drunk and the life of the party. That’s not “crazy” it’s shallow.

  12. Liddle-Oldman

    Hate is a strong word — but I can easily apply it to those young men who modify their autos so that they can play rap (It’s almost always rap, at least in my neighborhood) SO FRAKING LOUDLY that my windows rattle in their frames as they drive past, and then drive past at two and three and four in the morning. I think that’s all they do — crank (C)rap up to “puree” and then just cruise around, real slow, and let us have a taste.

    Kill by dropping a hopper of burning coals on them? Why, please do!

  13. I hate male friends that know you’re in love with them, but think you shouldn’t be, or that you should realize that they won’t ever love you and just get over it. So you try and remain friends with them, but they insensitively mention other girls or sexual encounters and treat you as one of the guys and tell you you should be flattered to be part of the “inner circle.”

    Come on. I’m supposed to sit around and be your good friend and just accept that I’m a great friend, but not good enough to love? Yeah, that should be easy for me.

    (Sorry, but I just ended a friendship because of this and I’m annoyed that he just never got it.)

  14. Love and have learned from them all.

    I hate people who don’t know you enough and who misinterpret you by casting you in their image. The people who never watch TV think that like a former librarian/archivist I am home nights reading a classic novel. NOT. I’m standing up in the grocery store reading PEOPLE magazine and worse. Then it’s home to bed and idiot TV. It makes you a better librarian :)

    • Or what about the people that supposedly know you ,but really don’t. They have a negative opinion of you based on past experiences with people similar to you. Ugh.

  15. Great points on all fronts! My biggest hate peeve is that “Thank You” and “Please” have all but vanished from society….

    that, and I hate that Arrested Development got cancelled a few years ago… :)

  16. I live with this person….”The person who chats with you but doesn’t listen – and then enquires about something that you’ve already explained. “Is your brother going to be there?”, YES you ignorant f*ck, I told you about two minutes ago ” I am constantly wanting to say, “Here’s your sign….stupid”.

    “The sort of person who says “I never watch TV”….two words…lying fucktards.

    “The person who says “I speak my mind”. …yeah, bet it doesn’t take very long.

    Enjoyed this post!

  17. The “I’m not racist but” girl and the “It’s not sexist, I know a woman who agrees with me” guy.

    And anyone who owns an iPhone and the guy who invented those shagging metal tea pots they use in cheap cafes that leak tea when you try to pour. Who the hell designs a tea pot that can’t pour tea?

  18. Hey Blogmella, where are you? You haven’t posted in a while and I wondered how you were doing…?!

  19. Great post. I won’t be able to return because I’m more than half of the above. LOL

  20. Know what I hate? Bloggers like me who read this wonderful post in August and loved it and responded. Then return and read it as if new in November and comment again. Old Fartitis has set in. I don’t know where I am. And now, I don’t know where you have been since August. Blogmella, wazzup?

  21. I hate the “I’m so sensitive and aware” psychotherapists who have more problems and issues than, well, than anyone else!

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