Brits and Yanks

One of the things I like most about blogging is that I get to interact with Americans. I’m continually fascinated by the the subtle (and not so subtle) differences between being British and being American. On this page you will find links to posts I have made on this subject; many of them will be tongue-in-cheek. This page is a work in progress, like my whole blog, so watch this space!

Guide For Americans Visiting The UK

For Americans – 40 Random Facts About The UK

American / Cockney Translations

English Slang Words

Ten Random Facts About Cockneys

English Food

Things So Vile That I Like Them #1 – Oreos

Top Tips And Phrases For Americans Watching The World Cup

Americans: This Is A Jumper

Americans: This Is A Vest

Americans: This Is A Fanny


4 responses to “Brits and Yanks

  1. I love your list of Cockney words and translations. Having a Master’s Degree in British literature, I didn’t think I’d be stumped by anything the British said. Except for OAP. I was at a bar/pub in Bath and there was a flyer for a OAP benefit show. I asked the bartender and he explained it meant Old Age Pensioners. I was floored! In America, we call them senior citizens. I love how Brits get right to the point! I still treasure that memory!

    • Haha! Thanks!

      I once saw an old lady get on the bus and start frantically searching through her handbag, while everybody behind her was waiting.

      “I expect you want to see myOAP’s Bus Pass” she said to the driver.

      “Nah, it’s OK darlin’ I’ve seen your FACE!” he replied.

      She laughed and tried to hit him. :D

  2. I’m not sure with the internet and other communication media that any of us are so distinguishable one from the other anymore. But since we in the US have been developing a more and more multi-cultural society as you have – I am a little sad. I hope differences don’t disappear. They are beautiful and special.

    1/2 English; 1/4 Scots and 1/4 Irish, I come from a family that has to stifle the differences from the past in order to function. My Irish Grandmother hid her prayer cards from her English husband because she loved him above God really.

    The big difference between Brits and Europeans and North Americans: Most people who have come here are ADD. Why? Because our ancestors were not content to plow that furrow – they were constantly scanning the horizon for adventure. As an Island Race, Brits are the same I think.

  3. I miss you. Where are you? I hope and pray that your hiatus is due to some wonderful, amazing thing happening and taking up all your time.

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