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I am now available on Twitter, as @blogmella, in case you care. I’m a bit mental and sometimes boring but at least I no longer bang on about Celebrity Big Brother (only because it has ended).

Will soon start making occasional posts on my boyfriend’s (SoylentDave) website which should be fun.

Love to you all and please look at my Blogroll – those people are awesome!


Another Shocking Post About Zombie Aid

Despite SoylentDave’s earlier efforts to expose the behaviour of Carl Whiteley and Zombie Aid, and despite an article on similar lines being published in the Manchester Evening News, it now seems moves are being made for yet another “charity” event (involving Carl) to take place.

Time for Dave to publish some more of our evidence!

Zombie Aid 2 – Carl Whiteley

Killing Zombies For Charity!

Can The Undead Be Killed?. Please check out the link and make a donation. It is as simple as paying on Amazon but it helps somebody who is severely disabled to enjoy computer games. That’s just awesome.

Zombie Aid – What’s Going On?

This article, “The Truth about Zombie Aid” deals with the activities of a guy named Carl Whiteley and his attempts to raise funds with Zombie Walks, in Manchester UK. Is Carl the best person to do this? And when he collects money, does it end up with the charities?

Never Add Your Stepfather On Facebook

Brandon recently updated his Facebook status, with a line from a (cheeky) song. He should have guessed that Dave would tell him off…

Although possibly he wouldn’t have guessed what he would be told off  for.

(Please excuse my lack of Photoshop skills).

Taking The Shame (England V USA)

Oh my God. When will I ever learn NOT to get excited about the “possibility” of England winning the World Cup? Four minutes in and I was laughing heartily, chanting obscenities, a goal up and waiting for more.

“FOOTBALL, it’s called FOOTBALL!” I yelled at the TV screen. We were winning, the Yanks were losing, I was eating a big bowl of chocolate ice-cream and all was well, in my tiny world. It didn’t last.

At my Church we have a partially blind, elderly, arthritic woman – who sits at the back on Sundays, holding her walking-stick and singing hymns in a feeble voice. I don’t know if she is available to fly out to South Africa, before our next match – but if she IS, I suggest that Fabio Capello puts her in goal, instead of Robert Green.

Check out the reaction on the BBC News website:

“England have plenty of time to regroup and progress, but this was an unsatisfactory night for Capello and his players.”

“Unsatisfactory”?  WHAT THE HELL?! They should all be put in the Tower Of London! The SHAME is killing me!

Well done USA (apart from all the “Saving Private Ryan” style acting every time we tackled you) you deserved to get a draw. As for England? Who knows… I’m getting flashbacks to every World Cup since 1966, at the moment.


Brandon In Uniform

I love this picture of Brandon. He really needs to learn a new pose though.