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Cat Collars Of The Week

Hello Mouse BlueHello Mouse YellowWhen you own cats (as I sadly do), you have to put up with a lot of things: Biting, scratching, the expense, the smell, fleas, worms, the vet, vile cat food, litter trays, random vomit, ruined furniture, tripping over them, that look they give you, dead mice on the bed, constant meowing and having to keep pushing them off your lap… For a start.

This misery is only offset by one thing – Buying cat accessories. Having cats as evil as Zuul, and as grumpy as Stouffer, means I need to buy a great many accessories. I’ve just bought these collars for them, aren’t they just darling? The design is called “Hello Mouse” – I suspect the designers of “Hello Kitty” will soon be saying “Hello Lawyer”!