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Brandon’s Summer School Graduation Picture

Brandon now has a Street Dance degree, innit?

Further to my last post, here is a picture of the man himself, in his little gown and mortar board. Bless. He did do a really excellent rap, about recycling plastic bags, at the presentation ceremony. Look at those tired eyes – that’s what four days of student life does to you.


Large Hadron Brandon

Today, Brandon is attending a special lecture, aimed at school students, by the celebrated physics genius Brian Cox.

Brian Cox is very “rock and roll”, having played keyboards for a couple of successful bands and presented numerous TV shows (explaining Science to the masses) BUT he also helps and encourages people who make black holes, here on Earth. That’s his REAL job. Oh dear.

In 2005, Brian was granted a Royal Society University Research Fellowship. He is based in Manchester and at the CERN laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland. He is in charge of an international project to upgrade the giant ATLAS and CMS detectors at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), CERN’s new 27km-long machine, with tiny silicon detectors almost half a mile from where the particles in the LHC collide.


Brandon is very good at Science and Maths, so he was chosen to attend the lecture. The idea is that Brian Cox will make an impression on him, so that he is inspired to work harder at school… Before turning into an insane Evil Genius, who destroys the Earth, from a hideout, inside a mountain.

Perhaps he shouldn’t go.