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Dried Fish Snacks

When I was a care-worker, I often worked with a Chinese girl (from Hong Kong) called Sam. This is her:

Chinese people are awesome

 Like every single Hong Kong Chinese person I’ve ever met, Sam was AWESOME. I’ve never seen anyone work so hard, or smoke so hard. That girl could roll and wash a client twice her size, single-handed and FAST. She could smoke, drive and swear in broken English, all at the same time as flipping the middle-finger at other drivers and filling in her time-sheets. Brilliant. She was funny too, and generous. She once gave me  a present, just to be kind…

Fish snacks are "different"

I must say, these strips of leathery dried cod were slightly less than “delicious”. On the other hand, they weren’t “horrible”. The best word to describe them would be “different”, or maybe “interesting”. I like food, so I ate quite a few, before everyone else in my house came running into the room.

“What the f*ck is that SMELL?” they all yelled.

Because I have no sense of smell at all (due to a childhood illness) I hadn’t realised that dried cod strips reek of…. Well, dried cod. I finished the packet and never ate them again.

As for Sam – I still think she is awesome. I want to come back as a Chinese person, after I die. Chinese people from Hong Kong are the coolest people in the world.


A Vegan Diet Makes You Insane

A vegan ex-friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) has recently protested on her blog, after being sent some photos (presumably of a family barbecue):

“Watching children eat animals makes us all really sick to our stomachs.  It looks profane, in an almost pornographic way to see small children tearing into bits of meat, and taking mouthfuls of cooked flesh from forks held by adults, as if offering a most unholy communion.

I make no secret about my feelings toward meat itself and how gross it is, so I’m really perplexed as to why, in the past year, I’ve been the unhappy recipient of some ugly, vile pictures of friends’ children eating cooked animals.”

Wow. I was wondering how she was… And now I know. She’s even MORE mental than she was when I knew her.