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A New Fun Idea!

If you are reading this (and you are, aren’t you?) you are in for a treat – because I am going to take one of the dullest, most irritating parts of the “interacting with other bloggers” process, and turn it into FUN for all the family! Educational fun, if you can imagine such a thing! This idea has great potential to become an internet CRAZE and you are hearing about it straight from me, the innovator! Read on, in wonderment…

You know when you’ve read a post in someone’s blog and you’ve thought “Well, this isn’t as good as the stuff I write but props to them they’ve at least tried, so I should comment”? And you know that bit where you type in your witty and intelligent reply (like “LOL I do THAT!”) and then go to post it…

WELL – you know that bit where you press “Post” and then some wavy writing pops up and you have to copy it into a box, to prove you’re not a Spambot selling penis enlargers? That bit is irritating, isn’t it? You’re like “OMG, I’m not a bloody Spambot, what the hell is this stupid word anyway?”. Sometimes it is even more than one word. Ugh.

Well, that irritating bit is now going to become FUN, thanks to ME and my brilliant idea! Because I don’t WASTE that mental and annoying wavy word – I make a note of it and Google it! Yes, it really IS that simple! I Google the wavy word and then watch a whole world of information and entertainment open up, before my very eyes! It’s a great idea and now I have shared it with you! I’m cool like that.

Not convinced? Let me tell you that “Podor is the northernmost town in Senegal, Africa”. I didn’t learn that in SCHOOL;  I found out by putting it into Google, after replying on a blog. Did you know that “The EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database (also known as EMBL-Bank) constitutes Europe’s primary nucleotide sequence resource”? No? Of course you didn’t… That wavy word (emble) was supplied exclusively to me, by my ground-breaking and hilarious new hobby. I can even tell you that “squepsti”, however convincing it sounds, doesn’t exist as a word yet, which means that it is available to use, if you ever need a new adjective, for something previously inexplicable!

I need a name for this great new idea of mine. I know I’m a genius but I haven’t quite nailed it yet “WavGoogling” “Verisearching”? I dunno. Maybe you could suggest one. And link away, spread the word on this. It’s going to catch on, I tell ya and you are with me,  at the forefront!