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How Often Should I Blog?

Since starting Blogmella’s Handbag, I’ve been throwing myself enthusiastically into blogging – coming up with new ideas, raiding my old journal for material, finding awesome new online buddies, reading great new writers and watching my Stats like a hawk (well, more a curious monkey really). It has been fun… But there is one question that keeps bugging me – How often should I blog? And it seems as though plenty of other people are wondering the same thing – A Google search for “How often should I blog?” turned up “About 150,000,000 results (0.26 seconds)”.  Wow.

So what is the answer? Well, there seem to be several answers really:

 Apparently, if I want to “Make Money by Blogging!” (that would be nice), I have to make several blog entries every day (that wouldn’t). Of course,  business blogging is all about the Hit Count and more entries equals more chances for hits. Or something. My blog isn’t a business blog (or a spamfest), so if people visit my blog, I do want to at least think they’re READING my posts. Blogmella’s Handbag is more like a personal diary – combined with being a generous outlet from which I share my vast wisdom. I can’t write about my life faster than I can live it and I don’t want to unleash my wisdom on the World faster than your tiny minds can cope, so beg me all you like… I won’t be blogging several times a day.

Some websites suggest that a person should only blog when the mood strikes and they espouse lazy hippie values, like “quality over quantity” and having “worthwhile content“. Even though it sounds so deep and arty – I don’t like allowing myself to simply follow my moods. My moods are normally rather idle and self-indulgent. I think I need a strategy in place, to inspire me to write. I don’t want to just post rubbish, for the sake of it, but if I restrict myself to only posting deeply worthy things I’ll procrastinate and my posts will get further apart than Admiral Ackbar’s eyes.

So that leaves me with the choice of posting at regular intervals (one, two, or three times a week), or posting daily. “Regular intervals” sounds fair keeping the incentive to write primed and the audience happy (in the knowledge that new content is never far away)…

But NO! No. The self-appointed web “experts” say that posting daily is the way forward, for someone like me (who gets excited about their Stats) and I am listening to those self-appointed experts with my full attention. “Do, or do not. There is no try.” as Yoda would probably say about it. Being able to check on a blog and find new content daily is something that readers find pleasing… And so they come back for more. PLUS new readers can stumble upon the blog more readily if posts are put up every day. Daily posting for the win!

Daily. Hmmmm. Bloody hell, that is quite a challenge though. Will I rise to it?

I can’t tell you – because the same experts say one should never TELL readers how often you’re going to blog. Just do it.


From My Stats…

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This is how people find me?!

(Thanks for the readers, Fanboy Wife)

EDIT: to add the latest search term – “constant arguing after fishtank feng shui”. HAHAHA!