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Hear Me Speak!

Today, I decided to make an audio post. I thought it would be a new and fun thing to do. Hmmm… It turned out to be a bit of a struggle. Luckily, the lovely SoylentDave came to my rescue, so here it is (hosted on his website).

Me talking! Yay!

(Only just over two minutes long.)


Congratulations, you win the prize! The chance to take our 5 second survey :)

This message just appeared, in a blue box, on my Dashboard. I knew my Stats had gone wrong (WordPress say they are fixing them) and I’d just deleted some Spam from my comments… So I was really worried that my account had been hacked, in some way.

The message was actually legitimate and apparently WordPress thought it was a good way to get replies. Well, it wasn’t – because it p*ssed me (and other users) off.

I’m really angry now.

From My Stats…

Top Searches
blogmella, “fanboy wife”, scat sex with my partner, someone who is disabled handbags, attractive phrases on girls handbag

This is how people find me?!

(Thanks for the readers, Fanboy Wife)

EDIT: to add the latest search term – “constant arguing after fishtank feng shui”. HAHAHA!

What Are You “About”?

I absolutely LOVE searching around WordPress (and other blogs), looking for new things to enjoy. There are so many gifted and talented people out there (plus a few amusing nutters) putting such fascinating content into the public domain, free of charge and at the click of a button. Awesome.

Lots of people, however, have very disappointing “About” pages. I like reading “About” people. It doesn’t have to be a vast essay (mine isn’t) but when you read somebody’s blog, it is nice to know something about where they are coming from. Screw Barthes and his stupid “Death of the Author” theory, I need to “know” you. Even if you have a passion about a single subject, and focus an entire blog exclusively on that subject, it is pleasing to understand the origins of your love-affair. Or at least have an inkling.

If I come to your blog, taste a little sample of your genius, crave to explore your essence and click on “About”… There is no greater smack in the face than seeing:

This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress..

What are you THINKING? You can’t even be bothered to write anything about yourself? Maybe that in itself says something about you… But it isn’t enough for me.

I know that sometimes people adopt alternative personas online. I think this is perfectly valid and I don’t need to have people explain to me that they are not all they seem. BUT, if somebody is going to construct an online identity, they should at least be consistent. One “About” I came across said this: “I don’t plan on going out of my way to specify which stories are fact, or which are fiction. That will be up to you to figure out – or not.” Well thanks for the warning, I suppose. I don’t want to have to engage with someone and then pick out the random lies, thanks. Even though I sometimes tweak reality a tiny bit, to make better reading… Either I get to know Real You, or Fake You – I don’t have the energy for both.

So that’s it really. If you haven’t written “About” yourself, do it NOW. I’m waiting.